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Make This Year’s Christmas Your Greenest One Yet

SMHK-DCG-green holidays1

Who doesn't love Christmas? 'Tis the season to give, receive, eat and be merry and we're already bursting with yuletide cheer! The tree is trimmed, presents are popping up under it in the middle of the night (Is that you, Santa?) and the letter box … [Read more...]

Chinese medicine remedies to strengthen your kid’s health this winter!

SMHK-DCG-Chinese remedies

The dip in temperatures outside means winter has finally hit Hong Kong, and with that comes the cough season and plenty of sniffing red noses conquering subways, schools and kindergartens. You're probably going to spot one of them among your loved … [Read more...]

Health Insurance 101: Family and Maternity Coverage in Hong Kong

SMHK-DCG-Guide to insurance

We believe that your health is your wealth at Sassy Mama and realise that navigating family and maternity health insurance offerings in Hong Kong can be tedious and tasking. That’s why we enlisted the help of mama Naomi from Compare Asia to create … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Top Muscle Miracle Workers in Hong Kong… where to get those kinks out!


It's the busiest time of year, and with all the running around and frantic planning, we know your bodies might be feeling a bit tense right about now. Don't worry, we've found a few of the best muscle miracle workers in Hong Kong that will have you … [Read more...]

Grow and learn with the expert early childhood specialists at BabySteps!

DCG BabySteps scoop

Once you bring a baby into the world, there's nothing more important than making sure they grow up healthy and happy! We can be there to guide them along the way, but it's up to our little ones to develop and grow at their own pace, and that's why we … [Read more...]

Green Queen shares 9 Simple Ways to Greenify Kiddie Parties!

greenify DCG (1)

It's party season, and nothing makes the little ones happier than a good old-fashioned celebration! The kiddies love the action, the special foods, the costumes, the decorations and the buildup of excitement that precedes festivities. Trouble is, the … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Expert Guide to Toxins: Part One


We've looked at the best ways to protect our little ones from being exposed to chemicals hidden in their everyday products – from popcorn to kid’s shampoo – but what about the chemicals in a mama’s products? We need to think about ourselves … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama Advice On Divorce and Separation


I find that divorce is a taboo word for most mamas. I’m often nervous to say that I’m a divorce lawyer because for many people, divorce is associated with anger, hurt and acrimony. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Separation can be … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Touch: Birthing Rehearsal Workshop

SMHK-DCG-Mother's Touch

For mamas-to-be, the build-up to your new arrival’s due date is one of the most exciting times in your life, but it's also slightly overwhelming. You're faced with changes to your body and a checklist as long as the Hong Kong Harbour. As your … [Read more...]

Your Car Seat Questions Answered, Mamas!


Working out which type of child car seat will keep your brood safest on the road can be confusing, especially with so many types available and conflicting advice about it all. What we all know is that the kiddos need to be strapped in safely – … [Read more...]

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