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Sassy Mama’s Potty Training Guide


Ready to ditch the nappies? Potty training can lead to greater independence for your child, allow them to meet basic requirements for school entry, give your family more freedom and less travel hassle, and of course, is more environmentally friendly! … [Read more...]

My Itchy Baby: How to diagnose and treat baby eczema


Are you noticing red rashes or excessive baby acne on your little babe? It could very well be Atopic Dermatitis, or Baby Eczema, which is an itchy skin condition characterised by dry, rough skin on the scalp, chest, abdomen and limbs. It is … [Read more...]

Thumb sucking, pacifier use and your child’s teeth: We get the low down from our Dental Expert

thumb sucking

Being a mama is never easy but when your baby is screaming you will do anything to make the noise stop! Usually the easiest way is to stick something in their mouth, either a pacifier, a thumb, toy or blanket. This habit often starts from a young age … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Post-Baby Guide: A Western Girl in Confinement


After seven years in Hong Kong I have adapted to many things — the summers aren’t as hot as when I first arrived, the bones in foods don’t bother me anymore and the hills aren’t as difficult to traverse as they once were (and in heels!). I … [Read more...]

Travel Tips: How to help babies and toddlers overcome jet lag

flying with kids (1)

Travelling overseas can be exhausting, especially when you have little kids in tow, but keep in mind it's not just tiring for the parents! When travelling through numerous time zones, babies and toddlers suffer jet lag like the rest of us. While it … [Read more...]

One Big Happy Family: How to prepare your child for the arrival of a newborn


A little brother or sister can be the greatest gift parents ever give their child, but more often than not, it's not a gift that's initially well received! When a new baby arrives, there is a distinct shift in the family dynamics; an only child … [Read more...]

Daddy Diaries: Baby Dreamland

daddy diaries

Considering their days are almost entirely devoted to milk, poop, sleep and a cacophony of burps and farts, even the tiniest babies have surprisingly discernable personalities. N just passed the seven-week mark and I'm not sure exactly when the … [Read more...]

The Daddy Diaries: Welcome Baby Na’ima!


Our beautiful daughter turned one month old this week. I hate to say I told you so to all the boy-predictors out there… but I did tell you so. Don’t ask me how but I knew even before B got pregnant that our first child was going to be a girl. I … [Read more...]

Bag a bargain at Bumps to Babes massive 4-day sale!

bumps to babes -1

Slip on your flats and get your wallets ready because the sale of the season is starting this week! One of our favourite family superstores, Bumps to Babes, is holding a blowout sale with up to 60% off everything from toys to nursery items to … [Read more...]

The Daddy Diaries: Crawling Closer To B-Day


We’re almost one month from B-day and there is a permanent “tick tock” in the back of my mind. B-day (birthing day) seems like the obvious thing to call it; D-day sounds so ominous. I don’t understand why so many mothers and mothers-to-be use … [Read more...]

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