Doctor’s Advice: Trouble with Tonsillitis


Raising your children disease-free is the dream of every parent; unfortunately in a crowded, cosmopolitan city such as Hong Kong, where living space is limited and pollution levels scarily high, it is not always achievable. As children grow up, they … [Read more...]

Keeping Well While Travelling: What to pack and what to avoid


It’s that time of year when there's a mass exodus from the city as we all scramble to hit up holiday destinations before the summer ends. Leading up to your departure, your days are probably filled with bookings, making plans for things to do … [Read more...]

My Itchy Baby: How to diagnose and treat baby eczema


Are you noticing red rashes or excessive baby acne on your little babe? It could very well be Atopic Dermatitis, or Baby Eczema, which is an itchy skin condition characterised by dry, rough skin on the scalp, chest, abdomen and limbs. It is … [Read more...]

Ask the Nutritionist: How do I help my child control their sugar cravings?


My child constantly nags for sweets and seems to have a real problem controlling his behaviour (especially after eating sugar). How can I help control his cravings and calm him down, without banning sugar all together? Having balanced blood sugar … [Read more...]

Sunbathing 101: Skin protection, avoiding heat stroke and Chinese home remedies!


With summer in full swing, you've probably begun to hit the beaches and weekend junks in an effort to acquire that long-awaited tan. If you're planning to spend an extended amount of time under the sun, however, it's extremely important that you take … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Ultimate Hong Kong Detox Guide


“Detox?!” we hear you scoff. We know that word once sounded appealing, perhaps even achievable. That once upon a time it did what it said on the tin, that it really did give us an other worldly glow, our pores really did emit holy water and we … [Read more...]

The Mama Diaries: An inspirational weekend at the W Hong Kong with MAYYA Movement

SMHK-mayyamovement-01 (1)

“What if one day could change your life for the better?” It was the challenging question dangled at the beginning of MAYYA Movement, the recent one-day women’s luxury health and wellness event that unfolded at the W Hong Kong. Of course … [Read more...]

Doctor’s Advice: Why do my kids get sick all the time and what can I do to help?


If you're tired of having sick kids on your hands all the time, then we hear you mama! Having unwell youngsters is never fun for anyone, so we've enlisted the help of family GP, Dr. Cheryl Kam, to get her best advice on why our kids get sick, and … [Read more...]

Healing – the Chinese way! We try out cupping at Oriental Health, Hong Kong


Even though I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 12 years and I have an official Chinese name (that actually means broccoli… don’t question it!), I’ve never actually tried Chinese medicine or any sort of Chinese therapy. So when the opportunity came … [Read more...]

Stay sun-savvy with Sassy Mama’s best sunscreen picks!

sun dcg

As mamas, we're always looking out for the best ways to protect our little ones, whether it's from electrical sockets, sharp corners or open flames. As the mercury rises, there's one major item you have to add to the list — sun protection! It's … [Read more...]

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