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Sassy Mama’s Expert Guide to Toxins: Part One


We've looked at the best ways to protect our little ones from being exposed to chemicals hidden in their everyday products – from popcorn to kid’s shampoo – but what about the chemicals in a mama’s products? We need to think about ourselves … [Read more...]

Your Car Seat Questions Answered, Mamas!


Working out which type of child car seat will keep your brood safest on the road can be confusing, especially with so many types available and conflicting advice about it all. What we all know is that the kiddos need to be strapped in safely – … [Read more...]

How to identify your body type and simple Chinese home remedies from Cinci


Traditional Chinese medicine strongly believes in “preventative” healthcare, meaning staying healthy and preventing illness is its priority rather than curing one's self after you fall ill. According to Chinese medical theory, our bodies … [Read more...]

Paediatric Massage for Little Ones: How to Give Your Kids a Massage They’ll Love!


Paediatric massage is a form of external Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy for children that stimulates specific acupuncture points in the body. Used to heal, comfort and stimulate growth and brain development in little ones, we chatted with … [Read more...]

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with these simple prenatal exercises!


Are you always rushing to find the loo? Have a real urgency that ‘when you gotta go, you gotta go’ or even more inconveniently, suffer from urine leakage on sudden exertion, coughing or sneezing? As your pregnancy develops are these problems … [Read more...]

New York Times bestselling author Sarah Wilson presents: Sassy Mama’s Sugar-Free Lunchbox Options!

lunchbox tips DCG

We’re excited to introduce you to our new Sassy Mama columnist, New York Times bestselling author Sarah Wilson! She’s the author of the I Quit Sugar Cookbook and I Quit Sugar Kids eCookbook designed with health-conscious mums and dads in mind. … [Read more...]

Sassy Scoop: Joint yoga and healthy cooking classes for kids at Little Yogis!


There’s no denying that the health craze is sweeping Hong Kong, and there’s no reason the little ones can’t jump on the bandwagon too! Besides providing plenty of perfect photo opps (just imagine your cute little 4 year old in ‘happy baby’ … [Read more...]

Is Expat Life Taking its Toll on Your Relationship? 

SMHK-DCG-love2 (1)

With over half a million expats living in Hong Kong, it’s a sure bet we all hail from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Even so, we all (reassuringly) share that one common predicament at times - a sense of dislocation and disconnection … [Read more...]

Sassy Scoop: Free home air test from Renaud and a special Sassy Mama discount on air purifiers


There’s no shortage of activities to keep nature-lovers occupied in Hong Kong, from hiking to sailing to outdoor sports, but unfortunately we also have to deal with the massive problem of air pollution too! While you may opt to keep your kids … [Read more...]

Wholesome Rawnola Bars – and Why Breakfast is King for The Whole Fam!


If I start my day by skipping breakfast or, worse, eating something rubbish like sugary cereal (which is never, unless I am in a desperate situation), then my entire day can be compromised with more unhealthy food choices, mood swings, sugar dips … [Read more...]

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