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A Mother’s Touch: Birthing Rehearsal Workshop

SMHK-DCG-Mother's Touch

For mamas-to-be, the build-up to your new arrival’s due date is one of the most exciting times in your life, but it's also slightly overwhelming. You're faced with changes to your body and a checklist as long as the Hong Kong Harbour. As your … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Guide to Shooting Maternity


Today, mums aren’t just documenting their bundles of joy when they first arrive - they're capturing the whole journey, often with a professional Maternity Photoshoot. Pregnancy is such a special time, and bump shoots are becoming more and more … [Read more...]

Secondary Infertility: What are my best chances for getting pregnant again?


Are you trying to get a bun in the oven, but want to know more about your chances and what you can do to help the process vs. just blind shooting? As all mums and mums-to-be know, it's important to have realistic expectations about fertility. Having … [Read more...]

Birthing Guide: Six steps to giving birth in Hong Kong

Birthing Guide-1

Congratulations, you have a new bun in the oven! But what now? Here's a simplified six-step guide to giving birth in Hong Kong: 1. Maternity Care - The first step is to decide whether you want to use private or public maternity care.  Factors … [Read more...]

The Daddy Diaries: Crawling Closer To B-Day


We’re almost one month from B-day and there is a permanent “tick tock” in the back of my mind. B-day (birthing day) seems like the obvious thing to call it; D-day sounds so ominous. I don’t understand why so many mothers and mothers-to-be use … [Read more...]

Natural Pregnancy Care: What’s Safe And What’s Not In Pregnancy


Having a baby is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences life has to offer. It can deepen our sense of purpose, giving us new meaning and great happiness. On the other hand, it can also be an uncertain and even stressful phase in your … [Read more...]

Choosing your obstetrician in Hong Kong: Dr. Lucy Lord and Dr. Grace Cheung of Central Health Medical Practice tell us everything we need to know


The Hong Kong health system is less transparent than the UK, the US, Australia and Europe.  As with most decisions, objective reliable information from diverse sources is crucial before making a properly informed choice. Keep working at it until you … [Read more...]

The Daddy Diaries: Hypno-Birthing For Beginners


Seven months into the pregnancy now, and our attention has shifted almost entirely to the birth. That’s not to say there aren't still lots of changes taking place with (and inside) B. The baby is growing exponentially and getting more active by the … [Read more...]

Daddy Diaries: The Guessing Game


Gendergate has finally come to an end. The saga, downgraded from scandal in recent weeks, culminated at the 4D scan last week. As during the last scan, for health and safety reasons (my own) I kept my mouth shut when the midwife asked if we wanted … [Read more...]

Daddy Diaries: Gendergate 2.0!


Baby’s sex has finally been revealed… just not to us! The gendergate saga continues. I have not been pushing, just waiting until the birth to find out whether it’s a boy or girl and apparently keeping my mouth shut seems to be working (I’m … [Read more...]

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