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Instant Goddess: All about daytime looks!


So, January is almost over…hallelujah! After all the frivolity and sparkle of December, and then the early detox and self-denial of tedious January… this week’s blog has to be all about daytime looks because God forbid that we should ever want … [Read more...]

The Instant Goddess is fighting fit!


Call me old-fashioned but given it’s the first blog of 2015, Instant Goddess is going to have to touch on work-out gear…yes, yes, I know, but it’s probably the only time of the year that we will talk about sportswear, so bear with me and best … [Read more...]

The Instant Goddess is feeling a shopping hangover!

SMHK-DCG-Instant Goddess1 (1)

After all the excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday the Instant Goddess must confess that she has a wee bit of a shopping hangover! But have no fear the show will go on… despite reaching saturation point, Instant Goddess still has some … [Read more...]

What Instant Goddess is dreaming of for Christmas…

instant goddess DCG

The Instant Goddess household is feeling festive! The chocolate advent calendars have arrived (thank you Mummy dearest in the UK); I've also managed to purchase one of the few remaining Candy Coloured Countdown Advent Calendars by Benefit (thank … [Read more...]

Instant Goddess Returns to Cool: Inspiration from London!


Apologies for the blip in Instant Goddess communications… she's been travelling and just back from the chilly UK, which of course got her thinking about winter warmers. Although it did get up to 23 degrees on Halloween in Covent Garden, in fact, … [Read more...]

Instant Goddess: Transition from summer to winter with these fun fall styles

141006-SMHK-DCG-Instant-Goddess-v5 (1)

At the time of going to press, it seems frivolous to be writing about fashion when we’ve seen so much unrest on the streets of Hong Kong. But should things ever get back to some sort of normality, and you feel like splashing some cash on fash, here … [Read more...]

Instant Goddess: Fall fashion from ASOS, River Island and Monsoon


It has been a while Goddesses! Apologies… but Instant Goddess has been resting up over the summer, and now alas the summer is well and truly over, so it’s back to the fashion grindstone, and time to see what delights are in store for us this … [Read more...]

Instant Goddess: SOS for ASOS, Modcloth and Pour Moi?

vintage dcg

Fashion SOS for ASOS This week Instant Goddess refuses to let evil forces get the upper shopping hand... at the time of going to press ASOS had temporarily suspended online trading due to a fire at its main distribution centre in Barnsley in … [Read more...]

Instant Goddess: J. Crew arrives in Hong Kong!

instant goddess (2)

So, it’s Hello Hong Kong from US favourite J. Crew, but did it get the Instant Goddess seal of approval? There has been much chatter amongst friends and in the press and the general consensus seems very nice but what’s going on with the … [Read more...]

Mini Goddess: Princess tutus, baby booties and batsuits!

mini goddess2

Mini Goddess is back! Yep, that’s right… Mini Goddess is back on the fashion scene scouting out the best buys for tiny tots to teens and all that’s in between. This week we have a very fabulous new local label worthy of royalty and two fash … [Read more...]

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