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10 Quick Tips To Keep Toddlers Entertained on Holiday!


The Christmas holidays may be over, but is anyone else already flicking through hundreds of daily flight and hotel deals trying to schedule your next big trip? Everyone knows the quickest way to get through post-holiday blues is to... plan another … [Read more...]

Keeping Well While Travelling: What to pack and what to avoid


It’s that time of year when there's a mass exodus from the city as we all scramble to hit up holiday destinations before the summer ends. Leading up to your departure, your days are probably filled with bookings, making plans for things to do … [Read more...]

The 10 Best Travel Apps for Families Plus a HotelQuickly Giveaway!


Going on holidays with children in tow can be a testing time. From booking your trip (and all that it encumbers!) to packing for an army, plus organising the day-to-day itinerary and dealing with toddler emergencies… surely there’s an app or … [Read more...]

Best Cultural Stays: Explore these exotic destinations with Mr & Mrs Smith


Add to the family photo album with these amazing destinations that'll have you and the kids discovering new cultures and sampling exotic foods. Who knows, maybe your little ones will become keen archers in Bhutan or befriend monkeys at a nature … [Read more...]

Mr and Mrs Smith travel the world with these top picks for family-friendly resorts

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A family getaway can be just about anywhere, but we’ve decided that the best ones involve sandy beaches, some form of aquatics, plenty of activities for you (and the kids), sunshine in generous measures, clever chefs and a big dollop of … [Read more...]

Top 10 hand luggage items to pack when flying with kids


Does the prospect of a long haul flight with a screaming baby or wayward toddler fill you with dread? Best to think like a Scout and ‘Be Prepared’. When it comes to hand luggage, never overload yourself – particularly if you are travelling as a … [Read more...]

Women on a Mission: One Team’s Journey Across the Desert of Wadi Rum (Part Two)


You can read Part One of Women on a Mission’s expedition across the deserts of Wadi Rum here. The most challenging ascent however, was scaling the dizzying heights of Jebel Khazali, the most dramatic and difficult of the Wadi Rum mountains. We … [Read more...]

Women on a Mission: One Team’s Journey Across the Desert of Wadi Rum (Part One)


It’s quite fitting that women should have accomplished the very first recorded successful ascent of the mountains of Wadi Rum in Jordan, in November 1952. According to original documents from the times, two intrepid British female mountaineers … [Read more...]

What happens at the airport with my stroller and car seat? Sassy Mama Nicola gives us all the info on easier travel with your tots


You’re all set - you’ve bought a lightweight stroller for your overseas adventures and you’ve decided to take your infant car seat. Now what? At the airport Strollers: You will usually be given a luggage tag for your stroller at check-in … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama Nicola shares her top 5 tips on childproofing your hotel room


So you and your family fall into your hotel room exhausted after a 12-hour flight. One parent starts unpacking the suitcases - desperately searching for the toddler’s favourite teddy - whilst the other goes to the bathroom. Then you think… hang … [Read more...]

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