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More from Maura: Sassy Mama founder Maura dishes out her top mama tips!


This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute - just sit right there. I’m gonna tell you all about my life as a mama juggling loads of balls in mid-air... And so, the story goes like this: … [Read more...]

The Simple 4-step Formula for Finding Your Ideal Career


Most of us have struggled with our careers at some stage in our life and found ourselves asking the big question “What am I doing with my life?” As mothers, we’ve got more than just ourselves to consider when it comes to our own personal … [Read more...]

The “Great Mum” Myth: How to Truly be the Best Mum for your Kids


Mamas, it's time to banish the mum guilt! There's nothing wrong with taking a little "me time" every once in awhile - you deserve it! Transformational speaker Kate McKay tells us why looking after yourself is the most important parenting task of … [Read more...]

Sassy Supports: The BIG Dinner

150121-SMHK-DCG-SassySupportsTheBigDinner_v2 (1)

We all take eating for granted, much like we take our ability to walk, but many people aren’t so lucky. The BIG Dinner is a fund-raising initiative by the charity 500 miles, which lets you get involved through a medium most people can get onboard … [Read more...]

You’re Invited: Sassy Mama’s New Year Workshop at nood food!


At Sassy Mama HQ, we’re not one to judge unhealthy eating habits… in fact, we’ve been known to down more than one cream-covered cupcake or polish off a bag of chocolate-covered blueberries on a Friday afternoon (nothing resolves writer’s … [Read more...]

Introducing The Bump: Claudia Whitney

the bump claudia DCG

Becoming a mama is one of life's greatest gifts and to celebrate we're running a feature each month dedicated to a Sassy Mama-to-be and her beautiful bump! This week we're sitting down on our yoga mats with yoga teacher Claudia Whitney and chatting … [Read more...]

Introducing The Weekly Dish: Everything you need to know in one quick read!


There's so much to love about Fridays (or "Friday Funyay" as we like to call it here at Sassy Mama HQ)... after-work happy hours, the promise of sunny Saturday shenanigans, lazy brunches with your loved ones, and (on good weeks) a sense of … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Ultimate Christmas Survival Guide

SMHK-DCG-Xmas Survival Guide2

If you've recently relocated to Asia, you’re probably patting yourselves on the back thinking that you’ve taken the politics out of Christmas this year. Congrats, you may have sidestepped the decision of how to divvy up the ‘Big Day’ between … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama Supports: Feeding Hong Kong

SMHK-DCG-SM Supports Feeding HK

Christmas is all about feeling festive and we all know that means much more than gifting and feasting. At Sassy Mama HQ we like to celebrate Christmas by giving back to the community and highlighting charities that do too! That’s why we chose … [Read more...]

The Mama Diaries: I can’t help it!


A cautionary tale, moms: I’m feeling a tad ranty today, so best agree with absolutely everything I have to say, or risk the greasy eyeball. (Is greasy eyeball an Australian saying? Otherwise known as the ‘death stare’? It’s icky enough to … [Read more...]

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