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You’re Invited: Join Sassy Mama’s Pretty in Pink Pampering Blowout and Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

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Whether it’s a friend, relative, teacher, coworker, peer or parent, most of us can name at least one person in our lives who’s been affected by breast cancer. Although we rarely dwell on the subject, the truth is about 1 in every 8 women will … [Read more...]

Mother’s Love Prenatal Treatment at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

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Oh, the joy of pregnancy! It comes with so many wonderful gifts. Along with that energising feeling of creating life and the sheer bliss that comes with each and every kick… wait a minute. The people that say this stuff have never actually been … [Read more...]

Sun-kissed skin without the UV at Forever Tanned Hong Kong!


If you're like me and love the idea of sporting a golden tan all year round, you'll understand the predicament I'm in when it comes to locating a decent tanning cream here in the ‘Kong. Actually, forget about decent, any tanning cream will do! … [Read more...]

A little lift with Ultherapy from Sense of Touch Medi-Spa!


When I hear the word facial, it's fair to say that inside I do a little 'happy dance!'. As a self-confessed beauty-o’holic, I've been having facials on a regular basis since I was 27 (to be precise) and whilst I'm not one to shout my age from the … [Read more...]

Get a superb summer hair makeover at Private i Salon!


Let me start off by saying I'm pretty low-maintenance when it comes to hair. I usually get it cut once or twice a year at most, preferring to have that 'messy chic' look, which really just means I'm not willing to spend time blowdrying, brushing and … [Read more...]

Date Night Spa: A romantic night away with Sense of Touch’s Double Couples Martini Ritual

couples spa (1)

As parents constantly running from soccer practice to ballet lessons to parent-teacher sessions, it can be almost impossible to steal a moment away for ourselves! When people ask, "What do you do to keep the romance alive in your relationship?" the … [Read more...]

Indulge in a mama-pampering session with a LUXUS massage and facial!


I’m always a little reluctant to go for facials. I always feel a little short changed; you don’t get the relaxation of a full blown massage nor do you come out with a shiny new mani to flaunt. BUT now there are no more excuses because this … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Guide to Fitness Classes in Hong Kong!


Calling all mamas — long-time mamas, new-mamas and mamas-to-be. We know how scary jumping back on the fitness bandwagon can be and how hard it is to find time in-between bottles and packed lunches. Ever here to help you get back on the running … [Read more...]

MiraSpa: TST’s stylish spa for the shopped-out mama

mira spa

I’m going to go out on a limb and declare Tsim Sha Tsui not the most relaxing part of Hong Kong. It’s all parts of awesome if you like a crowd or a copy watch, but relaxation? Not so much. Unless you step into the sublime hotel The Mira on Nathan … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Ultimate Hong Kong Detox Guide


“Detox?!” we hear you scoff. We know that word once sounded appealing, perhaps even achievable. That once upon a time it did what it said on the tin, that it really did give us an other worldly glow, our pores really did emit holy water and we … [Read more...]

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