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Sassy Mama Sarah tries out a day spa facial treatment at Iyara!

SMHK-DCG-Sassy Mama facial1

The Hong Kong humidity, pollution, and general chaos, as every Sassy Mama knows can really cause havoc with your skin. Add in the additional glow, ahem (sweat) that comes from days spent traipsing up and down stairs, on and off the MTR, up and down … [Read more...]

Sassy Scoop: Stay Fit and Fabulous with Inner Strength Barre & Pilates Classes!

20140929-SMHK-DCG-Inner-Strength-Ver3 (1)

So you’ve just had a baby and with all the things you need to focus on finding a post-pregnancy workout may have ended up pretty low on your to-do list. Are we right here, mamas? Well don’t fret, mamas, because Inner Strength is here to make sure … [Read more...]

Sassy Mama’s Guide to Getting the Best Nights Sleep


All mamas are fixated by the subject of sleep (or lack of it) - willing their little ones to make it through the night in order to catch a few winks themselves. Broken sleep can wreak havoc on our health and our skin, stopping the vital repair … [Read more...]

October Giveaway: Win a Hamper in Support of Pink Revolution worth over $17,000


As all savvy mamas know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aimed at raising awareness about something that affects so many women all around the world. With our Sassy Mama October ‘Pretty in Pink’ Giveaway, we’re doing our part to help … [Read more...]

20 Beauty tools and tricks every mama should know!

SMHK-DCG-Beauty tricks

From aspirin for rashes to beer for shine, we give you 20 of the best beauty tricks there are for mamas on the go! 1. For a quick fix to split ends, put your hair into a high pony tail, twist it round like you are ringing out a towel, … [Read more...]

You’re Invited: Join Sassy Mama’s Pretty in Pink Pampering Blowout and Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

140916-SS-SassyMamaPrettyInPinkEvent_v1-DCG_OP (1)

Whether it’s a friend, relative, teacher, coworker, peer or parent, most of us can name at least one person in our lives who’s been affected by breast cancer. About 1 in every 8 women will develop breast cancer during the course of their life, … [Read more...]

Mother’s Love Prenatal Treatment at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

SMHK-DCG-Four Seasons (1)

Oh, the joy of pregnancy! It comes with so many wonderful gifts. Along with that energising feeling of creating life and the sheer bliss that comes with each and every kick… wait a minute. The people that say this stuff have never actually been … [Read more...]

Sun-kissed skin without the UV at Forever Tanned Hong Kong!


If you're like me and love the idea of sporting a golden tan all year round, you'll understand the predicament I'm in when it comes to locating a decent tanning cream here in the ‘Kong. Actually, forget about decent, any tanning cream will do! … [Read more...]

A little lift with Ultherapy from Sense of Touch Medi-Spa!


When I hear the word facial, it's fair to say that inside I do a little 'happy dance!'. As a self-confessed beauty-o’holic, I've been having facials on a regular basis since I was 27 (to be precise) and whilst I'm not one to shout my age from the … [Read more...]

Get a superb summer hair makeover at Private i Salon!


Let me start off by saying I'm pretty low-maintenance when it comes to hair. I usually get it cut once or twice a year at most, preferring to have that 'messy chic' look, which really just means I'm not willing to spend time blowdrying, brushing and … [Read more...]

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