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For Your Diary: The Magical Kingdom of Illustrations Exhibition, Family Songs with Nick Cope, PLAY! Carnival of the Zodiac & A Family Development Centre Literacy Workshop

Want to know what we’re up to this week? Here’s a peek: First up, a special art exhibition for the whole family to enjoy: The Magical Kingdom of Illustration. Opening on Saturday and showcasing originals artwork from some of the most famous children’s books of all time, expect illustrations from classics like Where the Wild Things Are and Alice in Wonderland, as well as today’s hits like Elmer the Elephant.

So – it’s Clockenflap this weekend, but one act we’re not going to miss is actually for the kiddos: Nick Cope (former frontman for the UK indie band the Candyskins) is performing his fun family-friendly songs on Friday. Oh, if only all music for the under fives was made by indie-pop geniuses. Then on Sunday we’re off to PLAY’S free poetry writing workshop for kids 6-16 – one child’s poem will be performed at the PLAY! Carnival of the Zodiac concert in January at the HK Academy for Performing Arts. Finally, plan ahead and sign up for next week’s informative Literacy Training Workshop for parents to help you child’s reading skills. Phew!



Where Storybooks Come to Life
What:The Magical Kingdom of Illustrations Exhibition
When:1 – 15 December
Why Go:Brought to you by Illustrationcupboard Gallery and Two Blue Eggs the exhibition presents innovative, inspirational and original artworks to celebrate the fantastic, skilled and imaginative world of contemporary book illustration. …more


Sing, clap and Have Some Fun!
What:Family songs & music with Nick Cope
When:30 November
Why Go:Attend a super fun sing-along session with rockstar Nick Cope.Nick will sing about things that really matter to kids hits include My Socks and What Colour is Your T-shirt. …more


A Young Poet
What:PLAY! Carnival of the Zodiac
When:2 December
Why Go:Take part in this exciting competition where your childs poetry has the chance of being performed at the PLAY!Carnival of the Zodiac concert. …more


Improve Your Kiddo’s Reading Skills
What:Family Development Centre Literacy Training
When:6 December
Why Go:Join literacy specialist,Henrik Hoeg, for an informative and, most importantly, practical lesson in phonemic awareness. …more



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