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Getting Crafty in Sham Shui Po

Sham Shui Po is a treasure trove for beads, ribbons, buttons and fabrics. You can happily walk around for a couple of hours collecting lots of bits and pieces if you are the crafty type, but it is especially a wonderful place if you are planning a kids party. You can fill up on cheap toys, ribbons, beads and wire and all sorts of crafty items for their party bags.

If you’re up for exploring, leave Sham Shui Po MTR station at Exit A2. Find your way to Yu Chau Street, which should be straight in front of you. From chains at Mee Ngai Wah, to leather and feathers at Trademark East, there are too many shops on this street to name individually. They all have a huge selection so you will definitely find what you need.

Check out the markets at Pei Ho Street selling inexpensive party bag fillers and toys. You can pick up party bags for your children for about HKD60 (USD 7) for twenty bags. Ribbon is about HKD100 (USD14.20)  for a roll of about 110 yards. You can also find Swarovski crystals to dress up the most drab of t-shirts. Cross Nam Cheong Street to find a huge range of fabrics. This is a great outing for kids as they can pick up craft supplies and they get to see a part of Hong Kong that is quite undiscovered by tourists. Bring cash as lots of stores do not take cards!

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