The New Mama’s Guide to Hong Kong


Feeling overwhelmed by your little bundle of joy? Never fear, new mamas – we’re bringing you the ultimate guide to surviving post-partum in the ‘Kong.

Baby-brain can be a terrible thing when you need to get organised, which is why our fab New Mama’s Guide is designed to sort you out with all the essentials, including:

BREASTFEEDING ISSUES & LACTATION CONSULTANTS … often the most pressing issue on a new mama’s mind is getting breast-feeding established, and we can tell you where to turn to in Hong Kong if you need some support.

POST-PARTUM STYLE … so you’ve finally reclaimed your body after nine long months! Here’s how to dress it – stylishly.

EASY OUTINGS WITH A NEW BABY… pack that nappy bag, load up the stroller, and get out there with our no-stress suggestions for easy trips you can make with a little one.

HEALTHY POST-PARTUM EATING … how to easily ramp up the healthy eating to keep you feeling (and looking) great.

GETTING FIT + PERSONAL TRAINERS … getting to the gym might seem like a super-human endeavour with a tiny tot in tow, so how about some alternative options?

BABY CLASSES … whether for your baby (or just for your own sanity!), here’s a few of our absolute faves.

RECOMMENDED PAEDIATRICIANS … the second most important adult in your life right now (after your helper!)

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Welcome to the family, mama!