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Back to School: Must-Haves

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Little ones are heading back to school in their droves as the long summer draws to an end… It’s time to get the kids ready for a brand new year, so sharpen your pencils mama, and pull out that credit card. Let’s get kitted out!

First off, we’re loving this Fernando Bear Lunch Pack (HK270). Made from heavy-duty nylon and fully insulated, it’ll keep munchables fresh (no more soggy sammies!) til lunch. Next up, if you’re looking for an alternative to a sugary-sweet backpack for slightly older kids, Appaman has super-cool designs in both pink and blue available from their store for HK380, but they’re extending a special offer to Sassy Mama readers of 15% off at their store if you can tell them where Appaman originally comes from!

If you’re one of those mamas who are just a teensy bit anal, you might want to get the kids hooked on your good habits. We LOVE Cubeo (HK195) which is a visual tool to help little ones get organized – using a sticker system to remind them what they need to pack in their school bag for each day of the week. One less job for mama! Also from Hocusadabra is this Vintage Fabric Pencil Roll (HK380) which is fab for little creative types who want to arrange their pencils from palest buttercup yellow to deepest indigo…

As the kids have been running riot all summer, getting them to sit still in class, or to do their homework, might be a tough ask. Booster Bugs (HK450 available at Bumps to Babes) will help ease the little wigglers back into longer periods of sitting and paying attention as they promote “active sitting”. We’ve even been known to use them ourselves at Sassy Mama from time to time.

Back to School also means a return to playdates, and Lemon Drop have come up with the fab idea of creating little “calling cards” for children, so that even if they’re at another mama’s house, she can figure out where they come from and how to get in touch with them/you again! Prices start from HK280.

If “Keep Calm & Carry On” is all played out for you – try this new poster mantra printed by Adams of Rye in a cool woodblock style on recycled paper that’s the perfect reminder of what you’d like them to do in class(GBP40). And if your kids would rather create their own artworks, these uber-practical art smocks from Penny Scallan (HK269) will ensure that the paint goes on the canvas rather than onto their outfits! As an extra bonus, the first 10 people who mention “Sassy Mama” when asked ‘Where did you hear about us?’ when making a purchase from Penny Scallan will receive a FREE matching drawstring bag valued at HK199.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the activities, school runs and playdates piling up, this “Do It All Mom” planner (HK150) available from selected branches of Dymocks is a life-saver. With a weekly page view divided up according to the different members of your family, you can plot what everyone’s up to at what times, while keeping your hair. In the same range they have some pretty handy wall planners and calendars too.

Petit Bazaar are leading the pack when it comes to fashion once again – these adorable leather shoes (HK1310) are so cute we wish we could get them in our size! And to make sure that they (and other pairs of shoes) don’t get mixed up, it’s Stuck on You to the rescue once again with fab customizable shoe labels.

Finally, even if your child doesn’t ride the MTR alone, it’s always great to know that even without cash on them they have the ability to buy snacks, drinks or make phone calls in an emergency, so we think GOD are geniuses for coming up with these fab Octopus Card Holders in their signature retro-Hong-Kong-chic style. We especially love the “Youth is wasted on the young” design! Too true!

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