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We Have The Solution For Unwanted Skin Pigmentation And Discolouration

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If dark spots bother you, help is at hand!

When we become mamas our bodies undergo all sorts of physical changes and you may find you becoming the willing (or unwilling) recipient of some skin pigmentation. It causes the skin to darken and it can appear in small patches or even cover large areas of the body. Sunspots are classed as a type of pigmentation, but if it suddenly appears during pregnancy it’s known as melasma and occurs due to all the hormonal changes your body is going through.

While some of us are happy to embrace everything Mother Nature throws at us during this time, if it bothers you there’s no reason to suffer in silence. Treatments to address unwanted pigmentation are becoming increasingly popular, thanks largely to advances in technology which mean you can see targeted results, quickly! That’s exactly why one-stop beauty shop High Society Skin Clinic & PrincessBrows has decided to add the FDA-approved enLIGHTen PICO laser to its wide repertoire of beauty treatments.

With so many lasers on the market that can treat various skin conditions, what makes the enLIGHTen PICO laser stand out? Well, it’s viewed as an industry leader because it combines dual pulse durations – both nanosecond and picosecond (yes we had to look that up too!) – with two unique wavelengths. This means it can break down unwanted pigment in fewer sessions. So, where some lasers may require up to 15 sessions to address your area of concern, the PICO generally does what it sets out to in under three!

beauty laser removal unwanted pigmentation

It works by selectively shattering pigment to disrupt your dermal tissue and also to even out your skin tone. You may notice some redness after the treatment but there’s zero downtime, which is a big plus for us busy Hong Kong mamas. It also minimises the risk of any unwanted side effects, like thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. Of course, it’s not just for pigmentation, it has other uses too. It can help to rejuvenate your skin and can also get rid of tattoos (if that design you thought was cool when you were 16 has bugged you ever since!). It’s capable of clearing most ink colours, as well as variable ink size particles and densities.

The PICO was designed to provide predictable and safe results for all skin types (even for the most challenging pigmentation concerns). But don’t forget High Society Skin Clinic offers free consultations allowing them to tailor each treatment to your own specific needs, so it’s worth letting them see the area you want to be treated ahead of time!

 Simply mention Sassy Mama when you book to receive your first full-face trial for the special price of $1,800 instead of the regular $4,800.

High Society Skin Clinic, Unit 1604-05, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 2799 0800, WhatsApp: 6338 8359, [email protected],

Featured image courtesy of Getty Images, image 1 courtesy of High Society Skin Clinic. Brought to you in partnership with High Society Skin Clinic.

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