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Bespoke Butchery Services at Blue with Resident Butcher, Jonny Farrell

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Blue welcomes butcher, Jonny Farrell!

Our contributor heads over to Blue to check out the bespoke butchery services they are offerring through the guidance of experienced butcher, Jonny Farrell. Our mouths are watering and we can’t wait to take home an ethically sourced quality cut of meat and sear it up ourselves! 

The weather has taken a turn making way for my favourite season of outdoorsy stuff and, of course, barbecues. To pick my selection of meats for the first grill session of the season, I headed to the new butcher shop which recently opened its doors at Blue – Butcher and Meat Specialist on Hollywood Road. The bespoke butchery service boasts of offering the best homemade sausages and burgers in town, all from ethically raised meats sourced from across the world.

first impressions

Blue is conveniently located on the buzzing Sheung Wan side of Hollywood Road. Part of the bar at the Ground Level has made way for the butcher shop. The feel is warm and relaxed. A counter displays the days’ selection and the butcher’s recommendations. A massive dry-ageing fridge, with a wall of pink Himalayan Salt, has been placed beside the flight of steps that leads to the restaurant and one can see the vast selection of meats being aged as you walk in. So, you can enjoy a cocktail or craft beer along with some homemade charcuterie as the butcher pulls out your selection of meat and packs it up for you.

blue cuts of meat

The feel of the restaurant is warm – brick walls, leather stools and log tables give it a neighbourhood butcher shop feel. Upstairs, a large open kitchen allows you to see what’s cooking adding a personal feel to it.

the food

What sets the Blue restaurant apart from scores of others in the fray is that it offers a very personal dining experience. You can call resident butcher Johny Farrell to cook up what you have been craving for. He tells us how he made custom bloody mary sausages along with breaded pork chops on special order for a guest. He is currently dry-ageing rib-eye with whiskey — it will be ready in three months and I can’t wait for it! There will also be Thanksgiving turkeys with stuffing which are sewed back to look like full birds.

porkchops from blue butcher

We started out with the English Pork Chops filled with Manchego Cheese ($234/kg), which were absolutely outstanding!

We relished the signature Rubia Gallega 45 day dry-aged burger ($500/kg) next, which is one of the best burgers I’ve eaten in town. The flavour of the meat is so strong and gamey that it was simply seasoned with salt and pepper.

Rubia Gallega cattle are found in Spain’s coastal Galician mountains and graze on all organic pastures, giving the meat its distinctive taste. You can either have the burgers at the restaurant or get the meat patties and make them at home with your choice of bread and garnishes. Next, I got a taste of the 90-day dry-aged UK Hereford Rump ($470/kg) and also the 45-day dry aged Rubia Gallega boneless sirloin($1050/kg).

While all the meats had their own distinctive flavours, my top pick from the menu, undoubtedly, was the Rubia Galega 45 day dry-aged burger. You can request your choice which makes us like a kid in a candy shop!

grilled chicken from blue

I wanted to get a taste of chicken and tried the French Organic Yellow Chicken ($250/kg). The meat was very flavourful and the seasoning was mild and brought out the natural flavours of the meat very well. The chicken is freshly flown in from France and is free range. Again, Blue offers the option of having the chicken cooked at the restaurant with a seasoning of your choice and also offers a takeaway service where one can order the meat and a ready-made marinade of choice and take it back home to cook.

sausages from blue

We also enjoyed the Beer-flavoured Beef Sausages ($500/kg) served on a bed of bacon ($125/pack) and topped with fried eggs. The sausages were juicy and tender and the taste of beer made them all the more succulent. I took some home for my husband and he loved them. These came along with the pork curry sausages ($500/kg), which were lightly spiced with ground masalas. At Blue, the flavours of sausages keeps changing. In the offing are bloody Mary sausages, lamb beetroot and feta sausages. You even have the option of emailing butcher Johny to request for your choice of flavour and he will try making it for you. You can’t get more bespoke than that!

the verdict

The next time you crave that Rib-Eye or Sichuan seasoned beef burger, just give Butcher Jonny a call and get your meat primed. All you need to do it pick it up your DIY pack from Blue, give it a sizzle in the pan at home and enjoy the delicious fare right in the comfort of your home.

Blue – Butcher and Meat Specialist, 108 Hollywood Road, Central & Western, HK Central District, Hong Kong; 2613 9286,[email protected]

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