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Bring Me a Book
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Bring Me A Book has been providing training for parents, and libraries for kids for over a decade!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived “The Good Ol’ Days”. It was a peaceful place where our parents taught us everything they knew, and left the rest to literature…

When we were growing up, there was so much importance placed on building character, values and passions, it’s no surprise that reading was such a loved activity through our childhood! So when spending money on downloading the latest app is more common than buying a book, it makes our ‘youth’ seem like a world away (almost a made-up fairytale).

Now, don’t get us wrong, mamas, raising kids in a world where laptops, mobiles and iPads exist is no problem – we’re all for technological advances that can help us learn and grow! There’s just something about watching a generation of tiny hands learn how to unlock gadgets before they learn to turn a page that’s enough to make any parent reevaluate their priorities…

Well fear not, mama, Bring Me A Book™ Hong Kong (BMABHK) is here to pave the way! This non-profit organisation was founded in 2006 to serve children who don’t have access to quality books, and children who are not read aloud to on a regular basis. Pausing to think about the last time you read to your little one? Good! They’re making us prioritise already!

Did you know that Hong Kong ranked as the lowest (out of 43 countries!) in terms of motivation to read and family literacy? And only 12% of parents are engaged in some form of preschool literacy activities with their children (versus the international standard of 37%)! As a city that prides itself in providing top tier education, it’s a sad story that many of our children lack the essential skills and resources to succeed in school.

With the Bring Me A Book™ Foundation in California, USA, it’s clear that the organisation is working in wonderful ways all over the world, and we can’t wait to see how they take this city to the next level. As the leading advocate of family literacy in Hong Kong, BMABHK provides trainings for parents and teachers within our local community, working to foster an early love of reading. Inspiring a genuine desire to learn? Tick!

Over the past 10 years, they have served over 150,000 children and trained over 20,000 parents and teachers to read aloud effectively through their award-winning “First Teachers Training” program. As if that wasn’t enough, they have installed 355 libraries, providing mamas, papas, teachers, and kiddos with a safe space to explore, learn and develop. Plus, every two years, they publish two book lists (in English and Chinese!) to guide parents and educators towards the books that are specifically geared for kiddos.

Cultivating creativity whilst encouraging quality parent-kiddo interaction time sounds pretty perfect to us. And with BMABHK resulting in a more educated and involved generation of conscientious humanitarians, you can bet Sassy Mama is definitely in full support!

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