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2019 Christmas Gift Guides: For Teachers

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This is the best time of the year to show your appreciation to the person helping your little one to grow! 

We know what a difficult job teachers have! For most of the day, it’s these brave men and women who are tackling your children’s unending questions, classroom distractions, playground politics, toilet accidents and a lot more. Most of them manage with remarkable patience, fairness and good humour. No wonder that we would all love to gift them something extra special to show them just how grateful we are! Have your kids join in and wrap their present with love, beautiful paper and a handmade card to make their teacher’s day. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for teachers, you can choose to give something personal from your child, or pool in together with other parents to get the teacher something special from the whole class.

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Bymamalaterre, Tote Bag, $200

christmas gift guide teachers collapsible cup

Live Zero, Stojo Collapsible Cup, $198

christmas gift guide teachers caya scarf

CAYAHK, Yarn-Dyed Striped Scarf, $500

The Lion Rock Press, Reusable Collapsible Lunchbox, $140

Daycraft, 2020 Signature Chromatic Diary, $149

Red Packet, “Delicious” Dining Voucher, $1,199

Leonidas, The Delight Hamper, $1,380

Plastic-Free HK, Bamboo Cutlery Set, $120

Etsy, iTeacherStuff, from $225.71

Gifts Less Ordinary, Personalised Christmas Hong Kong Set, $400

Etsy, EngraveGift, $163

Paper-Roses, Public Transport Hong Kong Style Note Card Gift Set, $170

Stuck On You, Hand Drawn Decorations, $109

Airplay blow dry bar, Gift Coaster, $430

christmas gift guide teachers pouch

kikki.K, Leather Pencil Pouch, $180

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, head back to our main gift guide landing page. Or if you’re looking for further inspiration, check out the selection on our sister site Sassy Hong Kong.

Please note: all listed prices were correct at the time of publication.

Featured image artwork courtesy of Sassy Media Group with images from respective brand websites, image 1 courtesy of Bymamalaterre, image 2 courtesy of Live Zero, image 3 courtesy of CAYA, image 4 courtesy of The Lion Rock Press, image 5 courtesy of Daycraft, image 6 courtesy of Red Packet, image 7 courtesy of Leonidas, image 8 courtesy of Plastic-Free HK, image 9 courtesy of Etsy, image 10 courtesy of Gifts Less Ordinary, image 11 courtesy of Etsy, image 12 courtesy of Paper-Roses, image 13 courtesy of Stuck on You, image 14 courtesy of Airplay blow dry bar, image 15 courtesy of kikki.K.

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