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Specialty Shops + Delivery Services
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services

Magic Season Organics

2571 3397
Magic Season Organics uses zero waste packaging by sending you organic vegetables with 100% no plastic. You can choose between a small, medium, and large subscription boxes that provide you with 6 to 15 varieties of vegetables. You can choose the vegetables you like or let the farmers pick their faves each week. Order by replying to Sunday emails. Delivery is free for orders that are over $200; if not, the delivery fee costs $40. It delivers five days a…
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services
Eat Fresh Hong Kong Directory
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services


9782 6791
Eat FRESH guarantees to deliver the freshest and tastiest organic produce in Hong Kong to your doorstep. It's run by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are also mamas, health coaches, yoga teachers, energy workers and aromatherapists. Eat FRESH only works with trusted farmers who have a reliable organic certification and who have been tested and approved by the founders’ families, through years of cooperation. It delivers its produce, without plastic or unnecessary packaging, in cool bags that are collected back and…
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services

Dragontail Farm Ltd.

Luk Tei Tong, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
5422 2844
Dragontail Farm dedicates itself to harvesting organic foods for locals from locals. Located in Lantau Island, it sells a lot of in season foods and hopes to expose more people to unique and little known veggies like the angled loofahs, silk gourds, and water spinach but it also has a lot of the common veggies like tomatoes and cabbage. There is a wide variety of herbs such as mint, oregano, parsley, basil, and rosemary depending on the season. Although it…
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services

Catch Grocery

Kwai Bo Building, 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Floor 18, Factory A, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
9317 7796
An organic online food grocery store that may have a small selection of just 50 types of organic produce every week, Catch Grocery is 100% organic and that’s non-GMO and almost free of chemicals for you! If anything is unsatisfactory, Whatsapp 9317 7796 or email within 24 hours. The subscription boxes come in two sizes- small ($588) and large ($888) and you can select your fave produces. Currently there are apples, pears, citruses, tropical fruits, onions, herbs, grasses, sprouts,…
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services


2761 1100
Frutodor is a brand that hoping to build a loving fruit culture in Hong Kong by promoting fruit education. It donates fruits to different charitable organizations and only features the freshest fruits in season. Currently, it has mangos, bananas, peaches, avocados, grapes, and pitayas up for grabs. It can deliver fruits weekly to your door. The assorted fruit box comes with at least 4 different types of fruits which roughly contain 60% of year-round fruits and 40% of seasonal fruits.…
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services


G/F, Sau Wah Fong, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
2528 6577
Jouer is the brainchild of Anne Cheung, an art consultant that is both a café in Sau Wah Fong as much as it can be in your home. With tarts, cakes, pies, and macarons, this online bakery is a one-stop shop to satisfy all of your baked cravings. Order before 2pm for it to count as that day. Orders placed after 2pm are considered as orders made the following day. The earliest delivery time is 12pm and the latest is…
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services
Specialty Shops + Delivery Services

This Is Donut

This Is Donut is a online donut shop that makes old fashioned donuts as well as non-fried and gluten-free donuts so you can eat without the guilt! Half a dozen of old fashioned donuts cost $100 with three donuts with chocolate and three without chocolate. Mini-donuts, each the size of half of an iphone, makes a great mid-day treat and come in the following flavours: plain, matcha, chocolate and strawberry. This Is Donut only delivers on Saturday and Sunday and…

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