11 May‘21

Raising Boys With Steve Biddulph

raising boys by steve biddulph
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Shrewsbury International School is presenting parents in Hong Kong an opportunity to listen to author, activist and psychologist Steve Biddulph’s renowned talks on parenting and raising boys. This talk, recorded with a live audience, is part of a 2-part series on “Raising Boys” and “Raising Girls”. With sub-topics such as the three stages of boyhood, the importance of fathers, boys and emotions, testosterone and more, this is sure to resonate with all mums and dads of little boys.

Steve Biddulph has written a number of influential best-selling books, such as ‘Raising Boys’ and ‘Raising Girls’. Steve lectures worldwide on parenting and children’s education issues.

Where: Online
Time: 6pm

Image courtesy of Elly Fairytale via Pexels.

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