29 Oct‘17

The Sedan Chair Charity Race

Sedan Chair Charity
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The Sedan Chair Charities Fund (SCCF) will be organising its 43rd Sedan Chair Race, with a new fun category this year- the “Super Fun Challenge”. This challenge requires 4 runners to wear dazzling outfits and join the race without anyone in the passenger seat making it that much easier to win! It will be a 2.1km race starting at Matilda International Hospital going all the way along the Peak. The money raised will support local charities which run education, health or social welfare community programmes. There will also be a charity bazaar with a large selection of interactive games, street dancing, music performances, food, snacks icy treats and beer from 10am – 1:30pm.

The race will begin at the Matilda International Hospital on Mount Kellett Road at 10am. A minimum contribution of $13,000 – $36,000 should be made by corporations, schools, clubs and organisations to sign up for the race. A maximum of 50 teams can be enrolled on a first come-first serve basis. To enroll, register with the entry form from the Sedan Chair website. Call 2849 0447 for enquiries.

Event Price

$13000 – $36000 depending on your category

Event Location

The Matilda International Hospital
Mount Kellett Road, the Peak