08 - 09 Jul‘17

Teen Etiquette for Today Workshop

young female at interview workshop
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Sassy Mamas, is your teenager shy or awkward when meeting new people?  Are you worried their social skills aren’t good enough for the “real world”?  Enrol them today in this half-day course that’ll increase their self-confidence, making them more adept in social situations.  Topics that will be covered in the workshop include:  Proper Introductions; Telephone Etiquette; Social Networking Savvy; Polite Conversation; Compliments & Acts of Kindness; Public Speaking; Etiquette of Public Places.

Workshop leader, Bernice Lee (graduate from Yale and Cornell University) is a certified etiquette consultant. She has taught over 1,300 people from 26 countries.

To register, e-mail Choose to attend either on Saturday (1pm to 5pm) or Sunday (9am to 1pm).

Event Price

$1,400 per person

Event Location

23/F, Island Beverly
1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay