23 Mar‘15

Vitality Nutrition and Yoga Workshop

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Vitality is your health, energy, and capacity to enjoy life. Stress, distress, and disease are common factors that diminish our vitality. Vitality can also be affected by fatigue, poor nutrition, or even a toxic living or working environment. A healthy diet and balanced yoga practice will help you regain and maintain vitality in your life.

Karin G. Reiter from Nutritious N’ Delicious will be giving a short lecture about creating vitality; a general feeling of health, energy, strength and zest in your everyday life through nutrition. You are what you eat and Karin’s aim is to give you her top tips and advise for creating a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. Karin will be speaking about the latest health trends expected in 2015 and what your top focus in terms of nutrition should be.

Luba Zaltsman from Blissful Fit will be teaching you a one hour yoga segment that will lead you through sequences of poses to reduce stress and renew vitality. The practice will incorporate poses to improve blood circulation, face yoga techniques to relax face muscles, breathing techniques to increase vital energy in the body, and relaxation techniques that you can use anytime as a means to de- stress and energise. We will end the segment with a deep relaxation, that will leave you feeling rested and refreshed.

To register for the event at 7.30pm on Monday, 23 March, email [email protected] or [email protected].

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The Waterfront Clubhouse
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong