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Creating Healthy Relationships at Home through Effective Parenting

parenting effectiveness training from Gordon Parenting HK
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Parenting, it’s a piece of cake… said nobody ever.

Remember those pre-kiddo days when you thought you’d raise and discipline differently (and better!) than the family with the screaming toddlers on the street? Well that all changed, after kids came into the picture and reality kicked in. Parenting is hard. Period. Whether you’re in the early new born stages or you’re parenting teens, every stage and every child will have its own unique successes and challenges. Some days, parenting can often feel like you’re putting out fires left, right and centre. If you ever find yourself struggling with how to connect with your screen-loving tween or to teach little ones why they shouldn’t grab their sibling’s hair, you’re not alone!

Thankfully, effective and successful parenting is something that can be learned. Phew. Nobel Prize nominee and multi-awarded psychologist, Dr. Thomas Gordon came up with a model that has revolutionised the way parents around the world raise their kids. Based on Dr. Gordon’s studies of fostering healthy and happy relationships in the family, Gordon Parenting was created to bring practical workshops to Hong Kong parents. It consists of a team of instructors who are certified to teach the course Parenting Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) in Hong Kong.

Here’s the 411 of what the courses look like. The Parent Effectiveness Training courses target parents of children from 0 to 18 years old and even beyond. Each course is divided into 8 sessions, with one 3-hour session per week. It is a skills-based training program which focuses on  healthy communication skills, problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills, among others. These skills are proven to foster longer lasting and meaningful parent-child relationships. The courses run all over town from Central to the Southside, Discovery Bay and Kowloon making the course accessible for even the busiest of mamas and papas.

Learning to work through temper tantrums, rebellious behaviour, teenage issues and other parenting concerns is possible! After all, if you were to start a new career or hobby, you’d most likely go to school or take a course to deepen your understanding of the job at hand. It is the same when it comes to parenting. Now you can enrich and strengthen the way you parent (one of the most important jobs we have!) to create healthier relationships at home.

Sassy Mama PerkWhat’s more, our friends at Gordon Parenting is offering all Sassy Mama readers HKD$400 off the course fee in September. Simply email [email protected] and enrol to redeem this perk.

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