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FINDS: Nordic Dining Brings Flodins Omega-3 Pork to the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui

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A smorgasbord of tasty delights

Behind an understated entrance in Kimberley Road lies a lobby overflowing with surrealist colours, Dali-inspired furnishings and even a reindeer or two. The Luxe Manor lobby is a sensory overload. On the floors above boast not only accommodation but a lounge, bar and four unique function venues each tailored to a specific theme making it the ideal party venue or an interesting place for a high tea (read cocktails!) for all mamas who need a break after the school holiday. Our interest however lay on the first floor at FINDS run by Executive Chef Jaakko Sorsa.

first impressions

The restaurant is simply decorated with wood furnishings and a pop of bright green florals alluding to some Scandinavian quirkiness. Wood panelling covers the ceiling making the space seem slightly smaller than it is and every so often a wooden reindeer waits around a corner. The bar area is lit in bright hues of blue making it a feature and your eye is immediately drawn to a display of the Northern lights on loop in the background. The space is rather inviting and we were excited about what lay ahead.

the food

As Hong Kong’s only authentic Nordic restaurant the menu relies heavily on ingredients sourced from the Nordic region. We tried to choose a diverse range of items from a menu which boasts many fine ingredients in addition to sampling a new addition in the form of Omega-3 pork.

FINDS restaurant, salmon 6 ways

We started our meal with Salmon Six Ways, a proverbial Smorgasbord of salmon (cold smoked, seared, pickled, mousse, gravad lax and roe). The standout of the six was the pickled salmon as it had a melt in your mouth texture.

smoked scallops

We followed this with some lovely cold smoked scallops and a robust, salty mushroom soup both of which were hearty and satisfying. Every meal was elegantly presented with bright colours and a clear attention to detail in the plating and knife skills.

The opportunity which motivated our visit however was the chance to sample the Flodins Omega-3 pork which is now available on FINDS’ menu, so we ordered this as part of our main course. Flodins is a farm-to-fork producer of pork originating in Finland where the pigs are bred on small farms surrounded by rapeseed oil plants. The pigs eat the seeds from these plants and in doing so the Omega-3 content of their fat (read as the good type of fat you want to give your family) is increased, making the meat not only nutritious but also clean, safe and flavourful.

omega 3 pork

We were treated to a slow roasted pork collar served with braised red cabbage, fava beans, Swedish mustard, and dark lingonberry sauce. The pork was exquisitely tender and well marbled making it succulent with a full flavour. The marbling fat was well balanced by the sharp mustard and the sweetness of the cabbage. A double bonus it that the Omega-3 fats are scientifically proven to pose multiple health benefits. Sounds great to us!

seared cod

Next, we tried the pan-fried cod fish, a healthy alternative as it is served with black kale, raw goldroot and amazing creamed root artichoke. This dish is light and fresh and a slight creaminess is detectable in the artichokes.

tosca cake

For dessert (yes we still had room) we tried the sea buckthorn berry and dark chocolate Tosca cake. Interested in what a sea buckthorn berry was we were delighted to find a bright yellow berry that is almost peachy in flavour.

daim dessert

We also ordered the Daim dessert as no Nordic meal would be complete without a Daim bar. This frozen dessert with meringue, almonds, caramel and chocolate is truly indulgent and is a pure treat for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

the service

In general the service was good. The staff members were friendly are familiar with the menu. As the restaurant was quiet during our visit we felt like we had quite a long wait before we were offered a wine list and also before our drinks arrived. The food on the other hand arrived promptly and the tables were cleared in good time. Chef Jaakko was warm and inviting and very eager to share his passion for food. It is evident when you speak to him that the quality of the ingredients he chooses to use is important to him which in itself says something about Flodins Omega-3 pork.

the verdict

Overall, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to try something new. As Nordic food was one of 2016’s hippest food trends it is definitely worth a visit for anyone who calls themselves a foodie. The use of seasonal ingredients from specific Nordic areas gives rise to a menu which was skilfully crafted and in which each ingredient is showcased rather well.

The Omega-3 Pork itself is a sure winner for all mama’s who pride themselves on giving their families the best. Head on over to FINDS for a true Nordic feast and don’t forget to order the pork!

The 5-course tasting menu is $668, with 3-courses and 4-courses coming in at $518 and $588 respectively. For those who wish to order individual menu items, a full a la carte menu is also available with the additional option of social dining sets at $498 per person – ideal for a family setting.

FINDS1/F, The Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui; 2522 9318

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