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For Children: 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guides 2020: For Children
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Present picks that are sure to earn you lots of hugs and cuddles!

Christmas is the one time of the year where we love giving our kids gifts (whether they have been naughty or nice!). This year, more so than ever, we need to celebrate how amazingly adaptable and resilient they have been – taking school closures, online learning, cancelled holidays and muted birthday party celebrations in their stride. We have 15 great ideas for Christmas gifts for children that are sure to delight, instruct and entertain. A happy child is also the best gift you can give to yourself!

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christmas gift guide for children in hk

OSMO, Genius Starter Kit, $798

Have you waited till schools closed to look for Christmas gifts for your child? Firstly, you’re not alone, and secondly, don’t worry! You can still get him or her a gift that will last for years. Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit includes everything your kids need to experience hands-on learning and digital fun. It has five different applications that can help youngsters understand everything from spaces to problem-solving, drawing, maths and literacy.

Sassy Mama Perk

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when gobble met nibble christmas gifts for children

David Mark Stagg, When Gobble Met Nibble, $98

christmas gifts for children mr poco alarm clock

EasyRead Time Teacher, Alarm Clock 12/24 Hour, $438

frog bikes christmas gifts children

Frog 40, Lightweight 14 Inch Kids Bike, $2,990

ballerina bag christmas gifts children

Cheeky Bags, Ballerina, $240

snugalicious bear pjs christmas gifts children

Snug-a-licious, Bamboo Unbearably Cool Bear Pyjamas, $350

5 in 1 card games christmas gifts for children

The Lion Rock Press, Hong Kong 5-in-1 Card Games, $250

mini da vinci customisable poster christmas gifts for children

Mini DaVinci, Customisable Reusable Poster, from $150

naomi wear doodle tee christmas gifts children

Naomi Wear, Organic Doodle Tee, from $199

sparky and benny christmas gifts children

Janice Lao-Noche And Esther Noche, Sparky & Benny’s Big Home Mystery, $110

personalised school masks christmas gifts children

Masked By Myers, Personalised School Masks, $125

customised rugs christmas gifts children

Rug Your Life, Custom Rug, from $3,000/sq metre

customised christmas sack gifts children

Very Very Sticky, Customised Christmas Sack, $299

roll up piano drum set christmas gifts children

HOMELESS, Roll-up Piano & Drum Set, $1,049

heelys shoes christmas gifts for children

Heelys, Racer X2 Lighted Shoes, $499


If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, head back to our main gift guide landing page. Or if you’re looking for further inspiration, check out the selection on our sister site Sassy Hong Kong.

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