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Questions About Scoliosis? Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital Has The Answers

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital
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The Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic helps children and adults with a variety of spine conditions.

Back pain is a common concern for most of us. But for those that suffer from scoliosis, it can be a serious long-term concern. Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital’s Spine Centre, under the Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic, provides one-stop professional services to sooth spine pain and offers a variety of treatments for scoliosis.

Back pain comes in all shapes and sizes and the Centre knows this better than most. It treats a number of spine problems such as lumbar spinal stenosis, slipped discs and degenerative spinal conditions. Ad-hoc or emergency spine assessments can also be arranged upon request.

What is scoliosis?

In the simplest of terms, scoliosis is where the spine twists and curves to the side. In most cases, the cause of it is unknown – this is known as idiopathic scoliosis. There’s rather frustratingly, no known factor that causes the condition, like posture or lifestyle, but it often runs in families, so it may be down to your genes. It most commonly occurs in childhood or adolescence, around the ages of 10 to 15.  

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What can be done to treat scoliosis?

The Spine Centre of Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital adopts a professorial-led and team-based model in which assessments are performed by spine consultants, led by professors and surgeries will be performed by experienced spine sub-specialists.

Treatments differ depending on the patient’s degree of scoliosis but some of the options for treatment include:

  • General observation for mild curves less than 20 degrees.
  • Body bracing. Although it does not reduce the curve that is already present, it helps to stop the progression of the spinal curve.
  • Deformity correction surgery. This is recommended for growing children with curves greater than 40 degrees and for patients at any age with curves of over 50 degrees and helps to: prevent further progression of the curve; control the curve when brace treatment is unsuccessful; improve cosmetic appearance; reduce discomfort or postural fatigue.

How to get in touch

If you are or someone in your family is suffering from back pain, get in touch with the team at Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital. Call 3153 9000 or email [email protected] to find out more. To keep up to date with the hospital and its service, follow it on Facebook.

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, 3153 9000,

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