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Fun In The Sun With ARCH Education’s Summer Boarding Camp

ARCH Education INSPIRE summer boarding camp
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Treat your kids to the adventure of a boarding school break, without leaving the city!

From the moment your bundle of joy arrives and you become parents, you realise there are many life choices you’ll have to make for your little one (it’s definitely a steep learning curve). Inevitably, one of the biggest decisions you will be expected to make on behalf of your kids is about their education. Ok, so when they’re still in nappies perhaps you don’t need to worry too much about their later school life, but by the time they reach double figures, it’ll be at the forefront of your mind! There is a wealth of opportunities in Hong Kong, including some of the best international education on offer, so it can be hard to know where to begin. Some parents decide to go down the boarding school route. So if that’s something you’re considering, but aren’t quite sure how you feel about the commitment, why not do a trial run?

This summer, ARCH Education’s INSPIRE summer boarding camp provides exactly that opportunity. Designed for children from age 8 to 11, this eight-day residential camp gives students the full boarding experience (school life, culture and teaching) right in your back yard! Set in a fun and welcoming environment, students are immersed into life as a boarder, while you relax knowing they’re not too far away (we promise not to tell if you both enjoy the break a little too much).

ARCH Education INSPIRE summer boarding camp 2019

“Reach for the Stars” is the theme of the INSPIRE 2019 programme, celebrating space, exploration and invention. If you find your little one gazing up at the stars, asking about the big questions in life, your little Aristotle will be in good company with fellow students and teachers all bursting with questions and answers, just waiting to be heard!

With elements of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), history, English language and literature alongside sporty activities like golf and tennis, the multi-disciplinary curriculum engages students in a celestial study, not only through the lens of a telescope but through the eyes of historians, explorers and authors. A hands-on approach is used to learning, so students are encouraged to create their own sci-fi story and blast off into space – just like real astronauts!

ARCH Education INSPIRE summer boarding camp 2019

Led and taught by top educators from elite boarding schools in the US and UK, combined with sports training by world-class golf and tennis coaches, INSPIRE 2019 will undoubtedly be an unforgettable, confidence-building experience for your adventurous learner. Get the bags packed, they’re in for a truly unique and inspiring summer break!

For more information register for the information session at Arch Education on Saturday, 6 April (from 10am to 11am), to hear more about this educational adventure.

When: INSPIRE summer boarding camp: Thursday, 1 August to Thursday, 8 August 2019
Where: Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, 81 Tai Chung Hau, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
How much: $49,000

ARCH Education, 2/F & 4/F Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 3568 0406,,

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