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Individualised Learning Plans for Every Ability and Student at Stamford American School

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Meeting students’ full potential through customised learning plans is what Stamford American School does best

There’s no denying it, choosing a school for your little one is a difficult and rather daunting decision. Putting aside the commute for pick up (which in Hong Kong always seems far worse than in other locales!), there are multiple factors at play.

From teacher qualifications to extra curricular activities, and ensuring that what a school offers on the brochure isn’t just delivered in the classroom, but adaptable to the individual needs of your little one – it’s all so critical. Just like shopping for the perfect pair of jeans (and we all know how hard of a feat that is!), education isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The team at Stamford American School knows this.

Which is why they’ve placed the utmost importance on delivering individualised learning plans from the age of five – a significant and signature departure from the traditional classroom model. The objective? To ensure that each and every child meets their full potential and functions at their highest level via unique teaching methodologies. One word: Refreshing.

This tailored approach is one that commences at the very beginning from age 5 (Pre-Primary), when students sit for standardised Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) assessments in reading, math and science. These are carried out in a no-fuss environment meaning children don’t feel overwhelmed at the daunting prospect of sitting a test. It is these tests that are critical to Stamford delivering customised learning plans based on each student’s results. More so, MAP® results are externally assessed, and benchmarked against U.S and international norms.

The highly qualified teaching team at the Stamford – 75% of who hold a Master’s Degree, knows that how a child tests at a one time interval isn’t necessarily how they’ll perform later in the year – which is why they administer the MAP® tests twice a year – once in the Fall, and again in Spring. Not only does this let teachers measure academic growth throughout the school year – it allows them to adapt their teaching methods to a student if required. It’s this changeable approach that ensures each member of a classroom is stretched and stimulated at both a level and pace they are comfortable with.

With reading being an integral foundation of not just a child’s education, but also their interaction with the environment outside of the classroom, the Stamford utilises the Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Reading Program. Starting in Pre-Primary and running until fifth grade, this proven method is just another example of the school’s approach to customising each student’s education. Reading levels and subsequent growth are determined and benchmarked via regular classroom testing. More so, each classroom contains their own library, making it easy for avid readers to pick up a book and read – an organic action ingrained for future life.

Both of these tools are ones not used elsewhere in Hong Kong schools, making Stamford American School a standout. Together they provide firm foundations for when children leave their junior years, and transition to the rigour of the senior school and tertiary education – but are well equipped to do so.

Stamford American School is now enrolling/accepting applications for students entering Pre-Primary (Kindergarten – age 5) to Grade 7 for the opening September 2017-2018 academic year. All are invited to make an appointment with Stamford’s Admissions Staff.

Stamford American School, 25 Man Fuk Road, Ho Man Tin, 2500 8688,

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