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Malvern College Pre-school’s Unique Learning Experience

Malvern College Pre-school - soon to open in Hong Kong
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If your kiddos are looking for an exciting new education, Malvern College Pre-school’s programme might be just what you need…

Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and on-the-go lifestyle can sometimes make a kiddo grow up too quick. Whilst we love that our littles are learning about the world, it’s important that they have the time to properly experience their childhood. As you probably already know, we’re all about finding the right balance for you and your family. So of course we want our school of choice to echo our key values whilst helping our eager children grow. So if you’re a Sassy Mama looking for a bit of balance in this city that never sleeps, fear not! The soon-to-open Malvern College Pre-school is here to offer our kiddos an enjoyable and encouraging environment. Perfect.

One thing we already love the sound of is Malvern College Pre-school’s “Forest School” that they’re bringing to Hong Kong. The Nature Classroom is all set to develop curiosity so we know our kiddos will be up for the challenge! Jacqueline McNalty, Founding Principal of Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong explains that their “Forest School programme runs in all weather conditions as long as it is safe,” to make sure that students in Hong Kong are given the opportunity to “extend their education beyond the confines of the classroom walls into the great outdoors”. Implementing this kind of schooling system at a young age brings about an “increase in physical and social skills, enabling holistic development of the children”. All whilst letting their skills and confidence bloom!

Malvern College Pre-School will open in September 2017 at Coronation Circle, West Kowloon for ages 1 to 6 offering Playgroup, Bilingual Pre-Nursery, Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2 and Kindergarten 3 classes. Whether you’re looking for morning or full day classes, these experts are here to offer a helping hand. Sessions are available for Pre-Nursery and Kindergarten 1, with full day only programme for Kindergarten 2 and Kindergarten 3. And don’t stress, mamas to older tween-agers, Kindergarten 3 will also be available in 2017-18 academic year. The small class size (with a maximum of 20 students), paired with two or three teachers for different programmes, means that you can rest assured that your growing darlings are getting the care and attention that they need! In fact, they have one of the lowest teacher-student ratios available.

With 150 years of history in the UK, Malvern College is renowned for academics, sports and science. Bilingualism and diversity on your checklist? That’s available too! Students from all backgrounds are welcomed and nurtured through learning in English and Chinese (Mandarin). The bilingual programme is offered throughout the school in all classes.

And if you’re a mama still learning to let go (aren’t we all?), this is the ideal first step. The structured “Parenting Programme” sets up monthly workshops, offering practical information and tips for children’s personal development and character education at home, fostering a vibrant family of learners. Now all we’re wondering is: where do we sign up, mamas?

Brought to you in partnership with Malvern College

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