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Muusa Treatment at Sense of Touch Repulse Bay

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Recently I’ve been trying to slow down a little, take charge of my pace of life (and stress levels!) and spend more time smelling the roses (metaphorically you understand). Even though I’ve cut back a bit on blogging and other projects, when the opportunity came up to try out a brand new treatment at Sense of Touch’s Repulse Bay location, I thought this was the perfect chance to combine work and relaxation at once… Hurray!

Maura and I grabbed lunch at The American Club before heading over to Sense of Touch, to bask in the sun (chow down on some yummy burgers) and get ourselves in the mood for some pampering. A trip Southside was just what the doctor ordered when it came to escaping my daily circuit of Central, Soho and Wanchai. Sense of Touch in Repulse Bay is located right next to The Verandah, in the little shopping arcade that also plays host to Seed so you can stock up on some togs for your littlies if you feel guilty about indulging yourself!

As our treatments were booked for the Friday before Easter, the spa was jumping with mamas putting the final primping touches to their pre-holiday selves, so we had to wait a little while before we could begin. Once my therapist was ready I was shown into a gorgeous treatment room and left to get undressed. The Muusa treatment is Italian in its origins, and is unique because the music that plays during your treatment is created by the movements of the therapists, resulting in a relaxing experience where every massage creates its own personalized soundtrack. Your masseuse wears little black arm bands during the massage, which pick up on the firmness and length of her strokes, and somehow this is directly communicated to the Muusa machine which records the resulting sound on a CD for you so you can relive your massage experience at home!

The music during the massage is a mix of tinkly piano music, some operatic swooshy sounds and some string chords… Very relaxing. I did find myself thrashing about a little though to get comfortable though, as I’m five months pregnant and Sense of Touch don’t have a proper pregnancy massage cushion to enable you to lie on your front. This means you have to be massaged on your side with a pillow between your knees, which never really hits the spot for me and which would only get more uncomfortable the bigger your belly gets.

When I got home I decided to pop my Muusa CD into the CD player to take me back to my spa experience, and even though I’m pretty cynical about these things, I did find myself subconsciously dropping my shoulders and smiling as I tapped away on the keyboard… Combining work and relaxation — I think I’ve finally hit on how to get the perfect balance!

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My Seventh Heaven treatment lasted 60 minutes and cost HK$990. You can also choose to experience a 90 minute Muusa massage for HK$1290.

Sense of Touch Repulse Bay, G211, 1/F, The Repulse Bay Arcade, 109 Repulse Bay Road, Hong Kong, 2592 9668; open Mon-Sat 8:30am-8:30pm, Sun 9am-7:30pm

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