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Natural Pregnancy Care: What’s Safe And What’s Not In Pregnancy

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Having a baby is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences life has to offer. It can deepen our sense of purpose, giving us new meaning and great happiness. On the other hand, it can also be an uncertain and even stressful phase in your life.

A good pregnancy and childbirth preparation plan takes an integral approach; addressing your nutrition, body changes, mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing, while minimising the chances of any complications. The experts at IMI take a look at some of the natural options available to mamas-to-be when it comes to prenatal healthcare.

Should I avoid pharmaceutical drugs if I have minor ailments during pregnancy?
You should be very careful with medications when you are pregnant as drugs can cross the placenta and affect the development of your baby. Consider first seeking a natural, drug-free approach to most common health issues.

A naturopathic doctor or Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner can provide safe and potent natural remedies and herbal medicine to fight off common infections, and to help you to recover and regain energy.

Which pregnancy-related health issues can be addressed naturally?
From nausea to headaches and back pain, you can find relief or solution in natural medicine. Naturopathy can help you to prevent gestational diabetes and excessive weight gain, and offers solutions to insomnia, fatigue, skin problems and digestive issues.

Osteopathy can relieve your back and pelvic issues to allow proper growth and free movement of your baby, help you prepare for labour, as well as many other conditions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can also relieve a wide array of issues, from morning sickness, piles, fluid retention, heartburn and constipation to delivery specific topics, like preparing for labour, breech baby, premature contractions or an overdue baby.

Is Chinese Medicine safe during pregnancy?
When administrated by a qualified practitioner, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is not only safe, but also highly effective in supporting women’s health, especially during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Acupuncture is also safe to use during pregnancy and can be used to treat morning sickness to great effect.

What can be done in the case of a breech baby?
Breech babies are poised to come out feet or buttocks first, rather than the ususal head-down position, which can present a hazard to both mum and baby and can often require a C-section.

An osteopath pays close attention to the mobility of your baby and the structures of the uterus, making sure that your baby is positioned correctly as it get closer to the due date. Gentle hands-on treatment to increase mobility can be given as needed.

Moxibustion, a practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a safe and gentle treatment to help turn a breech baby. It involves burning a herbal stick directly over an acupuncture point on the foot to stimulate foetal activity.

Research estimates that up to 95% of women can safely give birth without medical interventions. A drug-free, vaginal birth decreases the risk of respiratory problems for your baby, and allows your baby to receive protective (good) bacteria as it passes through the birth canal. More importantly, the process of pushing your baby through the birth canal and into the world allows you to be an active participant in the birthing process.


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