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Sassy Scoop: Celebrate the hundred languages of children at EtonHouse

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There are so many considerations for us mamas when it comes to choosing a pre-school for our children – facilities, proximity to home, curriculumthe list is endless! But in our haste to tick all those other boxes, it’s easy to forget that so much of what our kids absorb in the classroom is dependent on their own learning style.

EtonHouse Pre-school, offers an international research-based curriculum that celebrates the “hundred languages of children” – the unique ways in which our little ones choose to express themselves through art, music, construction, and storytelling, to name but a few. Rather than attempt to fit square pegs into round holes, the EtonHouse curriculum draws on the renowned Reggio Emilia approach and is all about nurturing our children’s individuality, responding to each learner’s potential and helping them to get the most out of their unique learning “language” in a supportive and innovative setting.

Influenced by the Reggio Emilia philosophy that “the environment is the third teacher”, the facilities are designed to be stimulating, well organised and as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, featuring intelligent materials with which children can learn and play, in classrooms filled with natural light with breathtaking views, a large indoor garden, sandpit, light studio and much more. In addition to the beautiful environment, EtonHouse’s holistic learning approach offers a strong Mandarin second language programme that is fully integrated into its curriculum.

With 70 pre-school, primary and secondary school campuses in 10 countries, EtonHouse opened its doors in Hong Kong last December, and the new term launches in March 2014. The second EtonHouse campus in Hong Kong will be opening in 2015.

Now you’re invited to check out the amazing facilities and meet some of the qualified and experienced teachers with these fun – and free – Saturday sessions!

There will be a Language of Art & Music session on 8 March 2014, followed by a Language of Mixed Media Clay, and Construction & Language of Storytelling sessions on 22 March 2014. Both events will take place between 9-11am at the EtonHouse campus in Tai Tam. Spaces for both sessions are strictly limited, so ensure you RSVP here to avoid disappointment!

If you have any further questions about EtonHouse or the upcoming events, email [email protected] or check out the EtonHouse website!

Brought to you in partnership with EtonHouse

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