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Sassy Scoop: Power into the New Year with Power Fit Studio

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From loaded plates of turkey and other calorific Christmas fare to Power Plates… out with the old YOU and in with the new. Whether we like it or not it’s time to get fit before the next round of eating beckons over Chinese New Year and I just may have the quick fix solution that you’re looking for to achieve your sylph-like transformation: a course of Power Plate sessions at the Power Fit Studio in Causeway Bay.

I have to admit I was a little dubious about trying out Power Plates again as I had tried them 4 years ago in HK and wasn’t that impressed with the results. So, I arrived at the Power Fit Studio a little blasé thinking it would be a breeze to the point that I had done interval running up the Peak that very morning.

In retrospect, that was a mistake as I was certainly put through my paces by my trainer, Aja, and I have to say I was really impressed with the exercises and liked the combination of Power Plate teamed with TRX ropes. But what impressed me the most was the speed in which I felt that I had achieved an all over body work out in just 30 minutes including warm up and cool down stretches plus a little massage at the end.

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For two days afterwards I ached in that good post work out way like I would after doing a good bootcamp session and all of this achieved in half the time it normally takes to get that feeling. So, I was pleasantly surprised: this was not like the Power Plate sessions of old that I tried 4 years ago… this was far better and I could really see it helping you kick start a healthier lifestyle.

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So, the question I was dying to find out was how long would it take to see a change in your body shape from Power Plate?

My trainer said within 3 weeks provided you did 2-3 sessions a week you would start to see a change and as each session only takes 30 minutes this really is doable. Given the way I felt for 2 days afterwards I would agree that you would start to see results fast. So, I think by the time Chinese New Year arrives you would definitely be more toned and even possibly match fit for the next round of indulgence!

Even if you’re not that into exercise don’t be put off… it’s only 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week and the trainers are happy to tailor sessions to your personal level of fitness and needs.

The studio is by appointment only so you can work sessions to suit your schedule rather than the other way around like at the bigger gyms where you often have to interrupt your day to get to that inconveniently timed class. Also as the sessions are only 30 minutes you could easily work this around napping toddlers or playschool times. The studio is open from 9am-9pm (Monday – Sunday, including Public Holidays).

I also liked the feel of the studio and the personal touch that Power Fit Studio prides itself on. You will only ever be in a class off four and when I went there was only one other girl training so I felt that it was like having your own personal trainer and certainly with the expertise to help you get maximum results… no opportunity to shirk at the back of the class Mamas!

The studio is located in Causeway Bay just a couple of minutes walk from Times Square and parking is also available if you prefer to drive.

Power Fit Studio are currently offering a first trial only at $150 and after that 10 sessions cost $3,400 and 20 sessions cost $6,000, or it’s $400 per session. If you consider that the price of a session with a personal trainer at Pure costs $800 this really is very good value.

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Power Fit Studio, Unit B, 11/F, Redana Centre, 25 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 3621 0180 Email:


Brought to you in partnership with Power Fit Studio

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