We feel that all children have talents which can be developed and that all children can succeed. Providing equality of opportunity irrespective of race, gender, religion or disability for all children, is a vital aspect of our personal and social education policy which permeates all aspects of life in school. We encourage our students to care for each other and to develop as responsible, global citizens who can make a difference.

Quarry Bay School prides itself on its quality relationships, students and adults work collaboratively and support each other enabling all to reach their full potential.

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International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme

International Demographics

Hong Kong Permanent Residents: 75% Over 70 nationalities are represented including British, Australian, American, Indian, East Asian, Canadian, Chinese, etc.


Community/Personal Development

Application & Deadline

Application fee
Application deadline
Throughout the year, applications for entry are made through the Online Admission System (OAS) accessed via the ESF website ( For Year 1 and Year 7, application is made during a strictly limited period, September 1 to 30 of the year before they enter school. A few late applications are received each year.
Average tuition fee
Non-refundable capital levy for new students entering Year 1: $38,000
Priority to siblings for admissions
Priority to alumni for admissions
Are you academically selective?
Waiting list for any/all grades
Catchment area policy
Yes. Wanchai from the east of Garden Road/Cotton Tree Drive (up to the northern boundary of Stubbs Road/Queen’s Road East), the north side of Happy Valley and Causeway Bay (includes Broadwood Road, Link Road, Ventris Road and Leighton Hill) and all the Causeway Bay hotels. Tai Hang Road, Jardine’s Lookout and Mount Butler, North Point, Shaukeiwan, Chai Wan, Shek O, Red Hill, Turtle Cove and Tai Tam. Tai Tam Road to the junction with Stanley Gap Road and Stanley Village Road to include The Manhattan, Faber Court, Belgravia Heights, Blue Waters and Tai Tam Gardens.
Admissions process

The ESF system places children in Year Group according to their date of birth (1 January – 31 December). Children usually start Year 1 during the calendar year in which they turn 5. Children are never admitted early.

Students can only apply to the school of zone according to their Hong Kong residential address. Students from overseas can only apply to the school of zone for their expected area of residence in Hong Kong. Applicants from Hong Kong and applicants from overseas have equal status. Zones are adjusted from time to time in the light of changing numbers.

Individual and Corporate Nomination Rights provide a fast track route for children into ESF schools, providing they meet the entry requirements. Please refer to details here:

Applicants must demonstrate through interview and assessment that they are capable of engaging with an English medium curriculum. Applicants learning and social skills, together with their ability to cooperate with adults and other children, will be taken into consideration.

At interview, students’ potential for language learning will be explored as well as their ability to engage and succeed within the curriculum being offered at the school.

For secondary and older primary students, applicants' academic background, previous school reports and supporting documents will also be taken into account. Applicants must be able to demonstrate appropriate social skills, behavioural responsibility and the principles of good citizenship.

A parent statement and an interview with parents contribute to the school’s decision making process.

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