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Six Stellar Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Love!

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So it’s almost time for the most frightening holiday of the year and you’ve got all your plans sorted for the big day, but are you still searching for that perfect costume for your little one? No problem! We’re sharing 6 stellar Halloween costumes that your kids are sure to love, along with exactly where to source the materials right here in Hong Kong. So get the glue and sewing kits out, mamas, and get to work! 


Minecraft Creeper


Does your eight-year-old’s entire happiness hinge on the amount of time he (or she!) is allowed to play Minecraft? Welcome to the club, mamas. Our motto for this costume? If they can’t be cured of the Minecraft obsession, then at least dress the part.

Note: These instructions are fabulous but labour-intensive. If you’re looking for a simpler option, a stack of square-cut construction paper and a glue stick will yield a very similar result (with more hands-on kid power and less parental hovering, to boot).

Where to Find the Goods

Cardboard boxes: Ask the manager at your neighbourhood grocery store for a few spares — with daily deliveries, this is the place to get recycled cardboard on the spot!

PhotoShop: If you don’t have design software on your computer already, check out these free alternatives.

Construction paper (if you go the simpler, non-printer route): Ikea’s kid section has a surprising amount of art supplies, including assorted coloured paper.

Or… just print these!


Olaf, Snowman of the Century


It’s hard to believe this time last year, no one had ever heard of Olaf. No one had ever gotten “Let it Go” stuck in their heads for three days straight, and John Travolta hadn’t yet mangled Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars. Alas, we are now living in a time some call “All Frozen, All the Time.” Embrace it, mamas. Olaf is here to stay.

Where to Find the Goods

White hoodie or T-shirt: Gap Kids tends to have a good selection of sweatshirts, and you can always turn one inside out so it’s ready to be Olaf-ed.

Pipe cleaners and coloured felt: These items have been spotted at Artland in Wan Chai and at Living Plaza, which has many locations throughout Hong Kong. If you have time to hunt, voyage into the craft mecca of Sham Shui Po.


Frida Kahlo


Not every 5-year-old is going to know who Frida Kahlo is, but we figure art education starts early. Plus, this is one ensemble that’s as girly as it gets — with a little Latin flair! She’s an original princess. And you can be sure that the unibrow will be cracking her up all night.

Where to Find the Goods

Dress: Check out the clothing vendors at Stanley Market and get creative. Many colourful embroidered tops for women can be belted and turned into Frida-worthy gowns for little girls. And for a steal of a price!

Flowers: Fresh flowers will look like a million bucks with this costume, and will probably make your little one feel like a true princess. Or opt for sturdier silk options — either choice can be found at the Prince Edward Flower Market.

Also: Check out Forever 21 for fun earrings and bangles.


The Hashtag


This is the costume you’ll create if your 10-year-old’s idea gets taken by a classmate and it’s the Actual End of the WORLD. This is the one you can pull off the night before the Halloween party and make sure everyone has time to dry their eyes. It’s an original! Because all the tweens may be talking in hashtags, but they aren’t all dressing like them… yet.

Where to Find the Goods

Mercifully easy — you probably have it all at home. Cut up that vacuum box you’ve been saving for way too long, grab the aluminum foil from the kitchen drawer, and get to work. If you don’t have yarn handy, try a pair of shoelaces.


World’s Cutest Octopus


What’s more charming than an octopus with googly eyes? Not much. With a solid T-shirt and a few pairs of tights, your little one can wiggle her way through an entire round of trick-or-treating. It’s also a good one if it’s a chilly Halloween.

Where to Find the Goods

Hat, tights, belt and top: Marks and Spencer, and perhaps Bossini, are solid starting points for these elements, second only to your closet. Try mixing up different patterned tights for a patchwork octopus to remember.

Cotton batting: Since this is one product not too easy to find in HK, consider heading to Ikea and taking apart some pillows. The insides are exactly what you’re looking for!

Felt for the eyes: Sham Shui Po. But if you’re not up for the needle-in-haystack experience, you can also use paper instead. It’s less durable, but also much less hassle.


The Human Lego


Lego man? It’s an oldie but a goodie. Parents of schoolchildren in 2014 probably created this exact same costume thirty years ago, and it’s still got the same appeal. It’s also especially cute when it comes as a troupe of rainbow-coloured siblings.

Where to Find the Goods

Cardboard box: Buy a new piece of furniture and use the box! Or ask the manager at your neighbourhood grocery.

The “bumps” on the brick: This tutorial calls for craft boxes, but since we’ve no Hobby Lobby here in HK, try using plastic cups from the grocery store.

Bonus Items: 

Check out this handy blog post and this handy blog post, both with a ton of suggestions for where to source other hard-to-find crafty goods as you find the bells and whistles for all your costumes this Halloween!

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