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The Sassy Mama Guide To Sports Activities For Kids In Hong Kong

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ESF BasketBall
One of the most comprehensive children basketball programs in Hong Kong. Catering to children ages 5 and up, they provide classes and competitions for all skill levels. The ESF Tigers Basketball Club even provides international tournaments for its members! Check out the full ESF Basketball menu here.

Tinytots Basketball

Specialists in bringing sports to little ones between 18 months and 5 years, these folks will introduce the basics of basketball through physical play (such as movement coordination and balancing) as well as musical and visual stimulation. Call 3488-7724 or email to find out more!


Clearwater Bay Equestrian and Education Center

The center offers riding lessons and exams for all ages, with both ponies and horses. Membership is required to ride regularly, and nonmembers can ride during school holidays or weekday mornings. Call 63986241 now to start riding!

Hong Kong Jockey Club Public Riding Schools
Children between ages 6-14 can register for pony lessons for just HK$305/lesson, and those aged 15 and above can ride with horses for HK$375/lesson. Did we mention that there are three HKJC public riding schools for you to choose from – Tuen Mun, Pokfulam and Lei Yue Mun? Remember to bring your own equipment (although helmets are available for hire at the schools)! Click here for more details, or call 2550 1359.

Lo Wu Saddle Club
Situated in rural New Territories and with over 50 years of history, there is something here for everyone aged 4 and above. The combination of countryside quietness and experienced, BHS qualified instructors makes for a pretty perfect riding session. Click here for more info, or call 2673 0066.


Hong Kong Fencing Union
If your little one is looking for committed coaches and a passionate fencing partner, look no further! Check out the various fencing classes for kids at the HK Fencing Union.

i-Fencing Alliance Club
Here you’ll find all-encompassing fencing classes for all ages, including actual combats! If you or your little one is unsure, sneak a preview of classes through YouTube (embedded on site).

Noble Fencing
These folks cater fencing especially for kids between ages 3-11, from beginners to advanced. If you’re looking for something for the summer, check out their Summer Fencing Fun! Click here or call 8128 9991 for more information.


Hong Kong Football Club
The HKFC Mini Hockey coaches all levels of 6-12 year olds – expect training of the basics, exciting tournaments, and tons of fun! Older kids can check out their Youth Hockey – for kids between 12-18 yrs, both members and non-members. Click here for details.

Hong Kong Tai Kak Mini Hockey Club
Every Sunday morning from 9:30am to 11am, you’ll find little ones aged 6-14, in three age groups, playing mini hockey at Lok Fu Pitch. Parents stay through the morning, making it a fun, socializing experience for the entire family! Register here.

The Kowloon Cricket Club

Being the largest and one of the oldest sport of the Kowloon Cricket Club (first match was against USRC in 1907!), hockey here is unlike anywhere else Hong Kong, with multinational players and international competitions. Kids under 12 can join mini hockey teams, and be a part of the 300-people mini-hockey tournament in March! Serious training continues for kids between 10-16 years on youth teams. Check them out on their web site!


DB Cobras Judo
This unique form of martial arts (did you know that Judo has its roots in ancient Japanese Jujitsu?) means lots of fun for girls and boys of all ages, not to mention a healthy lifestyle! Click here for more info, including when classes are held.

Summer’s just around the corner and Grips is offering summer martial arts parties (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Natural Gymnastics)! They’ll take ages 5 and up, and if your little one is younger, check out their tailored training sessions for parents and kids. Visit
their website, call 35950358, or email for more info.

Kenpo Karate at Aberdeen Boat Club
Former USA State and National Champion Sifu Thomas J. Hudak Jr. will lead the kenpo classes, open to all ages for HK$110/lesson. You’ll learn basic techniques, self defense patterns and sparring. The class stresses a non-confrontational approach to life, and students must demonstrate the appropriate technique and philosophy before advancing to the next belt level.


Hong Kong Rugby Football Union

Here you’ll find a whole host of rugby training for kids – from Minis (U7s to U12s) to Colts (U14s to U18s), stretching across clubs and schools, in class and tournament form. Join them if you’re looking for a rugby organization with all the training, exposure and excitement you could possibly imagine!

Tinytots Rugby

Specifically for budding rugby-ers between 18 months and 5 years old, you’ll find them at various schools and clubs around Hong Kong. Call them at 34887724 or email to find out more!


Hebe Heaven Yacht Club
With almost 50 years of history on the bay of the most beautiful waters in Hong Kong, the Club also leads the region in promoting youth sailing through its “Development Fund for Youth Sailing” programs. Its wide variety of courses include ‘Youth Race Sailing’ and ‘Youth Improviser Sailing’, and its annual 24HR Dinghy Race for Charity, where junior sailors compete, continues to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation. Click here to find out how to join!

Aberdeen Boat Club
Calling all budding sailors! Since its launch in 2007, ABC’s junior sailing scheme has been a hugely popular. Children years 7-11 learn to sail on specially designed dinghies called “Optimists” – in fact, all training equipment used are top notch. This deal is definitely worth your money, particularly if your little one is serious about sailing! Click here for application details.

Skandia Youth Sailing at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
Is your little one itching to get on a sailboat? Skandia Youth Sailing offers a comprehensive general/race sailing course for little ones beginning all ages. They also offer holiday, weekend or private courses on the side – check them out here!


Brazillian Soccer Schools
For 5-13 year olds, the BSS programme is one of the most comprehensive development programmes, with a taste of Brazilian coaching influences. Check them out at or 2385 9677.

ESF Football
Is your little girl a budding footballite? ESF Football’s forte lies in women’s football – their beginner girls’ squad is one of its kind, and has resulted in an even stronger junior and senior ESF women’s squads. ESF also has a variety of other sports programs – check them out at and call 2711 1280 to sign up!

HK Dragons Football Club
They are the only Elite Football League for children in Hong Kong – the place for your little athlete to shine! Their teams participate in the Hong Kong Junior Football League with kids between 8 and 14 years. They offer classes for all ages and levels as well as ‘Football Camps’ at various times during the year for all Discovery Bay, Mui Wo, & Tung Chung residents. Find out more at: or 2987 4274.

Milan Soccer School
A true soccer school with programmes for all ages – from Milan Tots (age 2-5) to Pupils (age 15-17) – whatever your budding soccer star needs, you’ll find here. Check out the programmes in detail here or contact them: 2895 6867,

Tiny Tots Soccer

Yes, these folks do soccer for 18 months – 5 year olds too! In fact, their soccer program continues for kids from 5-12 years old through Olé Soccer School, a year-round academy well-reputed to bring out the fun and skill in soccer. Call 3488-7724 for more info on either programs or click on the links to their sites.


ESF Sharks Learn to Swim

Sharks Learn to Swim programme offers courses for all ages. From Aquabub and Aquatot – where 18-36 months and parents get a chance to get comfortable in the water and learn basic skills – to Goldfish for 3-5 year olds, to the Seal & Swordfish programmes for kids older than 5 years. Call 2711 1280 or see link above for more info.

Harry Wright International

In addition to having one of the most professional swimming programs in Hong Kong, Harry Wright International is a Premier Swim Club that also hosts the likes of swim galas, inter-club meets and “Splash” fun days, to create a team spirit within swimmers! Contact: 2575 6279 or see web site.

Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association

Founded in the early 1950’s, the HKASA first took part in the Olympic Games in Helsinki 1952 with four swimmers, and now has over 8,000 registered athletes! Here you’ll find only professional guidance for your little one. Contact or 2572 8524 for details!


Hong Kong International Tennis Academy
Hailed to be one of the greatest kids’ tennis programs, Monster Tennis, with specialized equipment and other kids’ tailored teaching aids, develops basic tennis skills in kids between 2-6 years old. Click here for more details.

Hong Kong International Tennis Association
Their ‘Colorful Tennis’ program is a great introduction to tennis for 3-5 year olds. The J*Star Tennis Certificate Programme caters to older kids as they advance in skill and tournaments. Online enrollment is available! Click here for full details and registration.

Fast-Start Tennis at TennisLife
Fast-Start Tennis is a fun and fully developed structure of courses that takes your little one, age 4 onwards, into the tennis world. Older kids further along the program can also join one of the most comprehensive junior inter-school tennis leagues! Check out which program suits you best here.

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