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The Ultimate Portable High-Chair: The Totseat

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We arrived at our ‘weekend’ house in the US last week (‘once-a-year house’ would be more appropriate now that we live half a world away, but anyway….) and we’re settling in for a long-awaited two-week holiday.   Last weekend the house was filled to the brim with friends and family – including two babies just about little J’s age.

As you can imagine, three babies in the house under 9 months old was…um, interesting.  Nap times were completely all over the place and at least one baby was always in tears, but the real fun took place at meal time: three little ones + one shared high chair = chaos.

The shared high chair got me thinking….if we were at a friend’s house for the weekend, what would we do?Between the stroller, car seat, and pack ‘n play, we are at capacity in terms of the amount of gear we’re hauling around.

We took an informal poll of some insider moms and got the answer to the travel high chair question – and we know where to get it in Hong Kong

The hands-down favorite portable travel high chair among our mommy set: The Totseatit’s foldable, packable, washable…and turns every chair into a high chair.

The Toseat - the portable travel high chair

What makes the Totseat stand out? Here’s what they told us:

  • Adapts to fit chairs – and babies – of all shapes and sizes.
  • It’s super small – packs up in its own little travel bag and squashes up to the size of diaper.
  • It’s really easy to use –  slip the fabric over the chairback, adjust the length, clip firmly (other fabric harness high chairs secure with ties which aren’t as safe), and pop the baby in. That’s it. (Watch their nifty How To Video here).
  • Shove it in your diaper bag and you’re always sorted – no high chair at the restaurant? No problem.
  • It’s perfect when visiting friends who don’t have kids – and therefore are not likely to have a high chair.
  • Sure it’s small and easy…but it also looks cool with its bright colors and funky patterns.
  • And most importantly, kids are very safe in it…even the wigglers are super secure.

Available at Mother Organic for HK$280. Check out the selection here.

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