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The 10 Best Fitness Apps to try in 2016

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The first month of 2016 is almost over but don’t let your new year’s resolutions of getting back in shape end either! Let’s kick those stereotypes right to the curb (body combat style!) with the help of these useful fitness apps to keep you on track. Here’s our round up of the best fitness apps out there!


Is working out at home your thing? Then check out the Cody app. It’s chock full of awesome work out videos taught by some of the very best coaches and teachers out there. The videos are informative as they are instructional for learning new skills in a variety of work outs. They have everything from yoga, bodyweight movement, barre and weightlifting to name a few. What’s also great about this app is that you can track your progress and log in each work out to see your fitness journey.

Download here for iPhone



“Yoga that fits your life” is this app’s mantra. If you’re an aspiring yogi or a regular yoga enthusiast but don’t always have time to go to a class, but you’re also looking for some human interaction and guidance? Then Yoogaia is the one for you. Log onto the app and get a totally interactive experience with live instruction from a trained professional. You have the option of getting personalised instruction by turning on your camera as well. There are classes for everyone including glowing mamas to be.

Download here for iPhone and here for Android


If you’re looking to participate in the next marathon that’s coming up and would like a professional to help you reach your time and distance goals, Runkeeper has just that. This app is perfect for keeping track of every run, your pace, distance, cycling speed, elevation and how many calories you burned during your work out. Turn on your GPS setting and see your location route mapped out. There are also various training programs along with audio coaching to keep you working towards your goal.

Download here for iPhone and here for Android



Forget gym memberships, check out Sworkit that provides a plethora of videos for every level of fitness. Don’t have time you say? There are workout videos here as short as 7 minutes! Sync your favourite playlist to the predesigned workouts to keep you going. Select from different areas of your body you want to focus on from upper body strengthening to your core. The interval and circuit designed workouts don’t require any equipment so you can get that six pack right in the comfort of your own home.

Download here for iPhone and here for Android


We all know that getting in shape and staying there isn’t just based on exercising but rather a whole change of lifestyle from diet, to sleep, to even water intake. Argus helps you keep track of all that in an aesthetically-beautiful and easy-to-use interface. This app helps you track your steps with a pedometer, log in your daily meals by a simple scan of the barcode on your food, it includes personalised weight loss plans, tracks your sleeping habits, visualises your heart rate through a neat touch of your finger, and even includes video workouts of Pilates, yoga, stretching, squats etc. The real question is what doesn’t this app do?

Download here for iPhone and here for Android


Nike+ Running

This app is perfect for getting you ready for everything from your first 5K to half marathon to your first full marathon. With their patented technology, MotionX – it works alongside of your iPhone’s GPS to give you an accurate reading of your distance, elevation pace and time. One great feature is the interactive part where you can share your runs with your family and friends. Challenge them to compete with you which will help all parties stay motivated and accountable to their goals. Running along a scenic route? Snap a picture using this app as well to keep a picture journal of sorts of your recent run.

Download here for iPhone and here for Android

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Formally known as the popular MyFitnessPal, this app is excellent if you’re looking to lose weight. Track down everything you’re eating in a day and choose from over 5 million food items loaded in their database that ranges from every cuisine possible. Track how many calories are in a food item by scanning it’s barcode with up to 4 million barcodes recognised. Look no further than this app if you’re looking to count calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol and more!

Download here for iPhone and here for Android



An oddly but appropriately named app that is for the person who wouldn’t necessarily identify themselves as a “hardcore” fitness kinda gal. This app encourages you get 30 minutes of daily activity as the best way to get moving. These 30 minutes could be spent walking, biking, hiking, dancing or anything active. Human tracks every movement and lets you know when you’ve reached your goal for the day.

Download here for iPhone and here for Android


There’s nothing more motivating to get you moving then when money is on the line! The tag line of Pact is: “Earn Cash for Exercise”. As gimmicky as it may sound, there is definitely some incentive to reach your weekly exercise and healthy eating goals and compete with other paying members on the app. Make a decision to eat better and exercise more while earning some extra dollars! Other great functions of the app include checking into your gym, GPS tracking of work outs and the use of an accelerometer.

Download here for iPhone and here for Android

Jefit Workout

Girl, do you even lift? Well now you can with this bodybuilding and workout trainer app that will help you achieve your goals at the gym. There are over 1300 types of exercises for all major weight lifting equipment with detailed descriptions and animations to teach you the proper form when using the barbell, dumbbells, kettle balls and more. Along side of that, there are options of making your own personal workout, keeping track of your body statistics and viewing your own progress.

Download here for iPhone and here for Android


We hope you found this round up helpful! Here’s to 2016 being the fittest and healthiest year for you yet!

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