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Top 5 Reasons Novalash Eyelash Extensions Are Perfect for Moms

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Looking to up your beauty game? Here’s 5 reasons why Novalash extensions should be your next beauty buy.

It’s important for every woman to look and feel her best, and though that doesn’t change when a woman has kids, unfortunately moms don’t have the time to dedicate to the pre-kids beauty routine she may have previously enjoyed. No, moms need shortcuts and easy maintenance in the beauty department. And they welcome any tips for maximizing beauty with minimum effort and time. Novalash lash extensions are the perfect answer to that mom time-crunch dilemma. Luxurious lashes that provide instant glam and require no daily application? Oh yeah, mama.

Here are 5 reasons Novalash extensions are perfect for moms.

1. They are low maintenance!
The mom-life is a busy one, with little time to spare. Novalash extensions boast a minimal monthly maintenance. Depending on your natural eyelash growth cycle, you may only need to visit your lash/beauty professional once every four weeks to refill any lashes that may have cycled out by then. Novalash extensions have twice the wear time of other leading brands.

And the upkeep of having those beautiful lashes is a breeze. Novalash recommends nightly conditioning and cleansing of the lashes to prolong the life of the extensions. But come morning time, you can simply wake and go, skip the mascara and spend that time you’ll save in the morning getting your kids ready for the day. That kind of minimal upkeep is enticing to any busy mom.

2. They are safe.
Moms are programmed to ensure that things are safe. Novalash knows that the eye area is one of the most sensitive regions on the body, so it commits itself to producing the safest and purest eyelash extensions possible. These extensions are scientifically formulated, ophthalmologist tested and glycol and carbonate-free with ingredients to also promote the growth of healthier natural lashes. They also use physician-developed, medical-grade adhesives.

3. They will not harm your natural lashes.
The Novalash technique uses a series of separation steps to carefully guard against the interruption of the lash growth cycle. Each extension is adhered to a single natural lash, which will continue to grow, unharmed by the extension. So having them won’t set you back or require extra work for you in the end, at all.

4. They are a leader in the industry.
Novalash, a US company, is a known and respected leader in the lash extension world, and the first global distributor of eyelash extensions. The company was founded by a biologist and cosmetic chemist who developed the first distribution and training network for eyelash extensions outside of Korea. Each extensionist is thoroughly trained and certified by NovaLash.

5. They make you feel and look fabulous!
Novalash extensions give you exquisite, luscious-looking lashes without having to deal with mascara or that messy, time-consuming application of traditional false eyelashes. Novalash lash extensions beautifully extend the length and thickness of natural lashes giving you instant glam without the daily hassle. Flaunt the same luxe lashes that celebrities like Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, and Jessie James wear.

It’s time to lash up, mama.

Book your appointment to get your Novalash extensions today!

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