02 Oct‘16

“You Can Do It” Animation Concert and Parenting Seminar with Former Disney Animator

concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
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PMA Music Foundation and the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra is having a charity concert and a family seminar under the theme “You Can Do It” with former Disney Animator, Davy Liu (who created Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast as well the Aladdin during his time in Disney – WOOHOO!).

Enjoy classical music, animation and storytelling, plus a parent seminar with advice from the successful animator himself!

3pm: The Magic of Storytelling – Introducing the Cow Vs Cowboy concept
With a creative mind, Davy recreated a story about courage, friendship and faith.

7:45pm: The Magic of parenting – Straight As Vs Straight Lines
There’s never a perfect recipe on raising a perfect child, right mamas? A simple 4-word compliment, “You can do it”, empowered Davy to focus on his talents. His life started shining only after he had accepted his life calling was not getting straight As but drawing straight lines!


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Concert Hall
Hong Kong Cultural Centre