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Mama Fitness: Personal Trainers In Hong Kong For A Bespoke Workout

Personal trainers in Hong Kong
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Get the most out of your fitness regimen.

Keeping fit at the best of times is tricky. Add to that the constant COVID-19 closures of gyms and training facilities, plus juggling family life and finding the time to get in shape, and you’ve got a stalemate situation on your hands. If you’re tired of breaking a sweat by yourself and not seeing much by the way of results (*same boat!*), perhaps you could use some serious #fitspo to rediscover your long-lost muscles? Turn to our handpicked guide of personal trainers (in alphabetical order) right here in town and smash your fitness goals. Grab your sweatpants mama, these fitness experts will get you feeling great in no time!

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HKM Fitness, personal trainers in Hong Kong

HKM Fitness

Do you find it hard to get into a fitness regimen and stick to it? We feel you; as do HKM Fitness. This fun, positive and educational fitness platform helps women achieve their goals through sustainable habits.

It offers everything from personalised one-to-one programmes, to small-group focused training and outdoor boot camps (including strength, resistance and weight training, HIIT and circuit training) at Sun Yat Sen Memorial park every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. HKM Fitness also offers coaching worldwide with a 6-week online challenge and 12-week individual bespoke coaching programme. Welcoming women of all ages and stages of their life (including pre- and postnatal), HKM Fitness aims to change the negative stigma of “diet and exercise” to a positive mindset of “fuel and train”. Learn how to work with your body, not against it, and take control of your fitness training in a way that works for you!

HKM Fitness, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, 16 Eastern St North, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong (and worldwide online), [email protected], 

Mack Fit, personal trainers in Hong Kong

Mack Fitt

One of Mack Fitt’s mottos is that fitness isn’t necessarily a destination to be reached but rather a way of life to be pursued. Mack, ex-Disney Imagineer, now self-made athlete, is an accomplished and experienced coach that will definitely get you on the right fitness, wellness and health path.  His training sessions are goal-oriented and backed up by science! At the start of your journey, you discover your base – through your DNA – to understand your genetics and map out an ideal regimen tailored to you personally.

Fitness has always been a massive part of Mack’s life and the results show for themselves (check out his Instagram). He’ll help you achieve your goals through measurable techniques, building a fitness programme, and offer advice on any supplements that might work for you, too. What’s more, you’ll get 24/7 access to the direct WhatsApp line if you need extra motivation or have any questions – and he’s sure you will have many!

Sassy Mama PerkThe first 10 people who sign up for a personal training programme will receive a free DNA test and post-report consultation (worth $5,000!).

Mack Fitt, 5667 0211,

FitnessU personal trainers Hong Kong


For a fitness regimen that fits around your busy parenting, work or personal life, opt for a method that works on your terms. Get fit, healthy and happier with the help of the team at FitnessU. These certified personal trainers bring the workout to the privacy of your own space at a time that is convenient for you. Why not squeeze in a quick gym session before the kids get home from school? Or make your lunch break even more productive?

Choose from one-on-one or small group sessions in fitness, yoga, Pilates, boxing, pre- or postnatal training, group family workouts and more. There’s no travelling, no crowded gyms and no membership fees – so there are no worries about spending a fortune on classes that’ll fall by the wayside. Simply pay-as-you-go and choose the trainer and session that you want. Your progress will be monitored throughout, so no matter who you’re training with, you’ll keep on track towards achieving your goals. There’s even a 6am to midnight customer service helpdesk available, now how’s that for service?

Sassy Mama PerkGet your hands on a free trial session, only for Sassy Mama readers! Simply mention Sassy Mama when contacting the team.

FitnessU, 17/F Yue Hing Building, 103 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 6387 9993 (WhatsApp only), [email protected],

personal trainers Hong Kong badass shum

Badass Shum

Looking for some professional boxing training to amp up your workout? Then check out the training packages on offer from Badass Shum. Headed up by boxing and kickboxing specialist, Vanessa Shum, you can take up personal training or group training sessions at home, your local outdoor park, or at One Wanchai (personal training only). Book a three-session trial for $1,200 and then opt for one of its packages. Why not gather your mum-squad for a group session and work on your cardio, core and coordination? There are group training options for kids too, so they won’t miss out on the fitness fun.

Use code “SassyXBadass” for 50% off your first personal training session or 20% off your first package. Valid until 31 August, 2021.

Badass Shum, One Wanchai, 1 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 9262 9513, [email protected], Instagram: @badass_shum, Facebook: badass_shum,

personal trainers Hong Kong limitless


It takes a special kind of coach to recognise that a woman’s fitness goals are more than a simple equation of food and exercise or quick-fix fads. At Limitless, you can expect a truly personalised and integrative nutrition, lifestyle and exercise programme. The personal trainers teach clients how to optimise hormones and gut health, identify nutrient deficiencies and more! You can also take advantage of clinical testing and new technology like continuous glucose monitoring to fully understand the impact of past and current lifestyle choices (when you opt for the Lab Testing and Personal Training package). The holistic and science-based approach that is the core value of Limitless delivers sustainable and uniquely bio-individual programs for goals such as fat loss, sports performance, anti-aging, pre and postnatal, menopause management and rebalancing health. 

Limitless offers expert personal training, pre and postnatal health, a semi-private women’s only training programme (Lean & Mean) and a first of its kind, functional medicine group health coaching programme called Metabolic Reset. 

Sassy Mama PerkOne complimentary personal training trial, and one 60-minute discovery chat (in-person or online).  For Sassy Readers, 5% off first-time package purchases (valid until 31, December 2021). Flash Sale 15% for the month of August 2021.

Limitless, 12/F, 86-90 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 9855 4437, [email protected],

Ajay Patel, H.I.T. Gym (also independent Personal Trainer)

From dad-next-door to man of steel (ripped or lean), Ajay Patel is the guy for attainable and sustainable dream bod transformations. Born and raised in London with a sports background, Ajay got hooked to the world of barbells and dumbbells in his early 20s. After getting shredded and sculpted himself, he quit his career in finance to help people switch up their fitness journey. His personal training plans focus on strength, conditioning, weight training, recovery and a revamp in lifestyle. Nutrition guidance is on offer for fast results. Expect to feel the burn! Ajay offers private training on the Hong Kong Island, mostly at the H.I.T. Personal Training Gym.

Ajay Patel, H.I.T. Personal Training Gym, Li Dong Building, 2/F, 9 Li Yuen East Street, Central, Hong Kong, 5593 8367, [email protected],

Anita Yiu, ATP Personal Training

She got her bikini body without a bite of broccoli…we love the sound of that! A coach at ATP Personal Training, Anita Yiu is her programme’s own best advertisement (crushing on those abs!) and has gone from strength to strength after completing her first Diva Bikini Model Contest in Australia, 2019. Bikini and selfie-ready year-round, Anita believes there’s no cookie-cutter approach to blasting body fat and building muscle. Her fitness mantra – there’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs – alone make her worth following on the ‘gram. Once a corporate powerhouse, her tailor-made workouts are designed for all levels of fun to give you a lean, toned and athletic bikini body.

Anita Yiu, 6/F, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 2866 8808, [email protected],

Ant Haynes, Coastal Fitness

Less is certainly not more when it comes to Ant Haynes. He’s Hong Kong’s top CrossFitter, former Rugby player, ace personal trainer, Nike ambassador, co-founder of local athletic brand Earned and the head coach at Coastal Fitness – insane milestones for a 31-year-old! Former professional Rugby player for Hong Kong Sevens, Ant traded his boots for a barbell seven years back. Since then he’s made it his business to keep clients ultra-fit. Having won several personal accolades at the CrossFit Games and the Regionals, where the world’s fittest people compete, Ant is a phenomenon of sorts. His training sessions might seem more overwhelming than a Lululemon sale but (drum roll please…) the intense vibes and eclectic energy will ensure maximum shredding and shaping.

Ant Haynes, Coastal Fitness, Shop 3, Victoria Centre, 15 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong, 2989 1900, [email protected],

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Active Me HK personal trainers

Active Me HK, Independent Personal Trainers

Boutique studio classes are not everyone’s cuppa tea. If you’re not pining for a gym, the rhythm of a group class is too much commitment and virtual fitness has started to feel drab – hire certified personal trainers from Active Me for your regular dose of endorphin fix. Helmed by Nathalie Hueber, a French fitness pro with 15 years of experience, Active Me was launched in 2016 to offer customised training in Muay Thai, Hatha Yoga, Athlete Training amongst others. The energy of instructors here is addictive, their combination exercises are exciting. Book a trial – clients say they’re left sweaty, sore but above all, restored.

Active Me HK, 6106 2063, [email protected],

Benjamin Liu, ONE Personal Training

For a personal trainer who aces body transformations, fat loss or muscle building, Benjamin Liu (Benny) is a master at it with bespoke, goal-oriented programmes. This former bodybuilding champ and co-founder of ONE Personal Training has more than a decade of private coaching experience under his belt. Having won several national competitions already, he recently earned a top-five spot in the Amateur Asia Olympia. Looking to shed those pesky pounds or feeling good in your own skin, whatever your fitness goals, the real-life transformation testimonials of Benny’s clients make it look achievable.

Benjamin Liu, ONE Personal Training, 5/F, H-Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2422 5516, [email protected],

Beth Wright

London girl, Beth Wright, has mastered the impossible (and mythical?) feat – a work-life balance! Fuelled by a passion for fitness and people, this personal trainer keeps her plates constantly spinning, as a full-time lawyer to stepping up as a nutrition, health and accountability coach and then programming those gains on Instagram. Born into a sports-oriented family, those in the know stick to Beth for a holistic overhaul of their lifestyle. A goddess at blitzing fat and getting defined, she’ll not only take care of your fitness routine but also keep your nutrition, supplementation, mindfulness, sleep, stress and hormone optimisation on track. A majority of her clients are mamas who put everyone else first, so Beth is putting them back on the priority list!

Beth Wright, 6114 5622,

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Chiara Bassi, Chiaramumfit personal trainers Hong Kong

Chiara Bassi

The woman can lift and lift heavy. Wife, mum and certified personal trainer, Chiara Bassi has built a fat loss and body recomposition plan that focuses on targeted health, training discipline and holistic nutrition. Long lean muscle, pre-baby abs or strengthening those small muscles, Chiara’s workout methods deliver undeniable results, see her Instagram page if you don’t believe us! She has a vibrant energy that inspires busy mums to fit in a training session, hit every move perfectly, shred into their unique needs and be the happiest version of themselves.

Chiara Bassi,

Emma Chan, Coastal Fitness

This vibrant ball of energy is many things rolled into one: a competitive volleyball player, a CrossFit specialist, a Nike Trainer and a personal trainer at Coastal Fitness. Whether you’re brand new to fitness or a professional athlete in need to supplement your sport, Emma has a passion for training – strength, conditioning and yoga. She takes on a range of clients and will have you touching your toes in no time!

Emma Chan, Coastal Fitness, Shop 3, Victoria Centre, 15 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong, 2989 1900, [email protected],

Esther Bland, Aqua Terra Performance

Whether you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey or reached a slump, if you’re looking for a more tailored approach to building strength and movement, Esther Bland is your girl! A trained swimming instructor, Esther’s strength-based circuits are perfect for women of all ages and stages, pre-and postnatal, or inching towards menopause. Esther understands women, their bodies and has designed her workouts for maximum burn in the shortest amount of time. She operates out of her studio in Stanley, and also offers paddleboarding 1:1 sessions at various locations.

Esther Blend, Aqua Terra Performance, 14 & 14A Stanley Main Street, Stanley, Hong Kong, 6774 5883, [email protected],

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Julien Legrand

With a background in cybersecurity and Judo, Julien Legrand, like some of our other personal trainers made quite the jump from the desk to the deadlift. His approach to fitness is as athletic as it’s scientific. He’s the only trainer in the 852 who does an in-depth morpho-anatomical assessment of your body before making you look defined and proportional. He analyses the length, alignment and placement of your visible bones and muscles to build a holistic health plan. And you go crushing your body goals! A typical session with him will include mobility work, strength and conditioning drills for the hard to train muscles and a whole gamut of intense fun. Keep your food portions in check, stick to the nutritional advice, (it’s not as restrictive as you fear!) and you’ll be dropping dress sizes before you know! Wine isn’t totally off-limits here.

Julien Legrand, 5505 7873, [email protected],

Kristen Handford personal trainer Hong Kong

Kristen Handford

Canadian, ex-military, fitness coach, mum – just some of the many titles Kristen Handford proudly wears. Based in Discovery Bay, she offers 1:1 classes from intense boot camps to babywearing. A fountain of knowledge in fitness, Kristen is more passionate about your health than you probably are! A certified pre-and postnatal coach, she combines elements of strength and conditioning, TRX and cardio, amongst others, to build health and rip physiques. A couple of gruelling sessions with this inspirational mama and your body will be running the show! Check out her Instagram or YouTube for inspiration.


Maxim Minin, Fitness In Motion (also an independent personal trainer)

You’re guaranteed to be sore after a workout with Maxim. Founder of Fitness In Motion gym in Lantau, this soft-spoken coach (no stereotypical trainer screaming here!) will pitch up at your home or at the gym and have you stretch, strengthen and sweat intensely. A certified Tai-chi expert, Maxim, has honed a style of PT that is a reflection of his martial arts background – a blend of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, strength training and boxing to give strong and supple limbs. No two sessions are alike or even predictable, his exhausting training focuses on nutrition and recovery to nail your fitness goals. A silver bullet or a fast-fix diet is not on offer here – Maxim truly believes in a tailor-made approach because what works for one might not for another.

Maxim Minin, Fitness In Motion, Shop 105, 9 Yi Tung Road, T-Bay Tung Chung, Hong Kong, 9744 4736, [email protected],

Santina Philips, Ursus Fitness

Pulling full-sized trucks, flipping tires and just being a total badass in the gym, are just some of the amazing feats that are a staple in Santina Philips’ fitness regimen. While there are several personal trainers to choose from at Ursus Fitness, Santina is the co-owner and her explosive Strongman training is the ultimate beast workout. When performed with the correct technique, this will burn fat and build strength in your forearms, shoulders, core, legs and glutes at an insane rate. Plus, it will leave you feeling like Thor (who doesn’t want to feel like that once in a while?)! Santina is pure grit – she enjoys the complexity of working with pre and post-natal clients. Non-members are advised to get an appointment before walking in.

Santina Philips, Ursus Fitness, GF Units 2-4, 64- 68 Pok Fu Lam Road, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, 2803 2774,

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Tammi Robinson personal trainer Hong Kong

Tammi Robinson, The Process

CrossFit is your one-way ticket to a rock-solid core. This South African CrossFit athlete has coached in Abu Dhabi and Bali before becoming a familiar figure in the Hong Kong fitness ranks. She’s passionate about training, scroll through her Instagram and you’ll definitely soak up some killer workout motivation. Tammi takes on a range of clients at different levels of fitness and even serious athletes looking to nail their sporting goals. Flex it with her and knock ‘em dead!

Tammi Robinson, The Process, Shop 3, Victoria Centre, 15 Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong, 2989 1900,

Trixie Velez, Define8 Fitness

Voted ClassPass’ “Best Instructor in Hong Kong 2020”, Trixie Velez is a dose of sunshine and inspiration to her clients; one of the most cheerful and sought-after trainers in Hong Kong! Her workouts involve a variety of elements – Pilates mat exercises coupled with the reformer, Cadillac, conditioning, chair and barrels topped with barbells and weights. As the founder of Defin8 Fitness, her coaching style is relaxed, addictive and completely customised – she wants you to find your inner physical and mental strength, then push beyond those boundaries.

Trixie Velez, 8/F, 9/F Yu Wing Building, 66 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, 9859 8620, [email protected],

Ziggy Makant, ZigFitMama

No round-up on personal trainers would be complete without Ziggy Makant! Co-host of Mom Body Soul podcast, personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Ziggy is passionate about pre and post-natal health. She does not believe in “bouncing back after birth” – there’s no such thing when you’ve created and nurtured life. That said, this certified coach will be your guide through recovery, building muscle, gaining strength and body transformation. Her mantra that the body changes after birth; it can’t be the same because it’s much more – is the authentic affirmation all mamas need in their life. her YouTube channel has some great exercises to do at home and her Instagram is definitely worth following for her mama-fitness journey.

Ziggy Makant, Zig FitMama, [email protected],

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