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How did Sassy Mama start?

Sassy Mama is actually our second baby! It all started with our first-born, Sassy Hong Kong, the go-to English language website for lifestyle content in Hong Kong. Over time we realised that parents in the city were looking for something more. Bringing up kids is never easy but Sassy Mama Hong Kong can help. From figuring out where to give birth to venturing out for the first time with a newborn, from scouting for the best school for your children to watching them fly the nest, Sassy Mama is here to support parents in this city, every step of the way. Sassy Mama Hong Kong launched in March 2011 and in June 2012, joined forces with Yummy Mummy Asia to bring an even bigger and better site to the mums and dads of HK. If you’re a Lion City mama, check out our sister site, Sassy Mama Singapore.

Who is a typical Sassy Mama?

There is no typical Sassy Mama (or Papa!) – we come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but what we share is a great love for our babies and kids. We look at life and parenting as a great adventure, joy and privilege. We try to retain some of our pre-parent identities and interests, keep our sense of humour about what we do and most importantly, leave the judgments at home. We know that being a parent is hard and comes with no rulebook. So while we are here to help and advise, there is no preaching or predicting what works for each family. Strap on your seatbelts and enjoy the parenting ride!

What sets Sassy Mama apart from the other Mum websites in Hong Kong?

We like to think that our content is as diverse as this teeming city of locals and expats, offering traditional wisdom and the most current trends, first-person accounts and expert opinions. We speak to and cater for all members of the family – mothers, fathers, babies, teens, helpers, pets, uncles, aunties, grandparents, friends and more, and we hope to become another integral part of your household.

How do you select brands and people to feature on Sassy Mama? 

Our website, social media posts and newsletters feature both editorial and sponsored content, with paid-for content clearly labelled as such.

All features on the site are written by our fabulous editorial team or our valuable contributors. We use a mix of personal reviews, comments and experiences from our team, loyal readers, contributors and partners.

We do receive invitations to review certain businesses, along with products provided for our consideration, but these are always reviewed honestly!

Our roundups aim to stay up-to-date but cannot cover every business and organisation in Hong Kong. We are always on the lookout for new, unique and exciting businesses, people and organisations in Hong Kong to feature on our site. If you know of something that you believe makes the cut, please do get in touch.

How can I get my brand featured on Sassy Mama?

We make every effort to support our incredibly talented and passionate business community in Hong Kong. If you would like to consider advertising with us and want to know about our various offers across the website, social media, newsletters, events and more, please reach out to [email protected].

If we can work out a suitable fit between our brand and yours, we would love to be a part of your growth story!

How can I tell you about a product or service or potential That Mama or That Papa?

Have you found something you love and want to share with the mama community in Hong Kong? Please do send the team a brief note at [email protected]. We welcome all reader reviews and suggestions. If you are associated with the business or person you are promoting, please do mention this upfront. Don’t worry, we understand and appreciate loyalty and will apply our editorial discretion while using your recommendations.

How does Sassy Mama make money?

Sassy Mama Scoops, Featured Listings and Web Advertising on our site, social media channels and newsletters are all paid-for features. We only work with a few handpicked companies that we feel have something useful to offer our readers. We do (and have!) turned down paid offers that we didn’t feel were a good fit for Sassy Mama, and we’re proud to be picky! We try to be inclusive in the range of services and products promoted, keeping in mind diverse tastes, needs and policies. We try to provide as much information as necessary about our paid-for features but we advise you to use your own discretion. We also work with companies to bring you Sassy Mama Perks, including exclusive discounts codes, free trials and irresistible giveaways. We understand media platforms have a responsibility to the community and we pride ourselves on sharing honest and inspiring content.

Some of our articles use affiliate links to other websites, which give us a small percentage commission if you happen to click through and make a purchase. We only receive a commission if you purchase the product through the link and it does not add any extra cost to you as the customer! The commission comes straight out of the retailer’s pocket and if you return a product, our commission is returned as well. We only feature affiliate links for a few select companies that we love and regularly shop from ourselves!

Can I join Sassy Mama even if I don’t have a baby?

Of course, you can always be a part of the Sassy Mama family! If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive you’ll find lots of useful info on Sassy Mama Pregnancy. Don’t forget to sign up for the pregnancy newsletters and join our Due Date clubs.

How can I join the Sassy Mama community? 

You can be added to our mailing list by signing up for our newsletters via the sign-up boxes on our website. We also run giveaways from time to time and you can also be added to our mailing list by entering to win. We make it clear that by signing up for our giveaway you are giving us permission to add you to our mailing list.

Can’t find it here? – contact us.

Another way to be a part of the community is to participate in one of our events. We occasionally organise Mama Meetups, Mama Marketplaces and Community Involvement days like family beach clean-ups. Of course, if you follow us on social media, you will be able to stay in touch with us as well.