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The Best Mooncakes In Hong Kong This Year

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It’s mooncake season! From Regent Hong Kong mooncakes to Peninsula and Rosewood mooncakes, treat your loved ones to these mooncakes and mid-autumn hampers.

On the hunt for the best mooncakes to gift your loved ones (or to treat yourself?) The options are endless and it can be tricky to pick the best without sampling each one. That’s why we’ve done the (not so) hard work for you and highlighted the very best mooncakes and mid-autumn hampers you’ll find in Hong Kong this year.

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Bespoke Mooncake Flavours At Regent Hong Kong

Regent Hong Kong is offering bespoke mooncake flavours in two gift boxes — the Lai Ching Heen Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes (pictured above, 6 pieces per box) and the Regent Hong Kong Collection of Mini Assorted Flavour Mooncakes (8 pieces per box). Lai Ching Heen’s rich legacy of two MICHELIN Stars and Black Pearl Diamonds shines through its handcrafted mooncakes, with edible gold leaf flakes melded into a smooth and creamy texture. The Regent Hong Kong Collection of Mini Assorted Flavour Mooncakes presents a diverse array of flavours for you to dive into. Crafted in limited quantities, both gift boxes are now ready to pre-order to arrive in time for your family festivities.

Sassy Mama Tip: You’ll enjoy exclusive discounts for bulk purchases of both boxes! (T&C apply)

Flavour: Egg Custard; Assorted flavours include White Lotus Seed Paste with Yolk, Red Bean Paste with Mandarin Peel, Green Tea and Earl Grey Tea
Price: $688 for Lai Ching Heen Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes; $428 for Mini Assorted Flavour Mooncake

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The Mira Hong Kong Mooncake Hamper Bombshell

Lotus Luna Bomb By Bombshell, The Mira Hong Kong

Flavours: Egg Custard
Price: $1,288

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The Peninsula Hong Kong Moooncake

Spring Moon Mooncake Collection, The Peninsula Hong Kong

Flavours: Egg Custard and Sesame Paste Mochi
Price: Starting from $638

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Mother Pearl Mooncakes Hong Kong

Plant-Based Gluten-Free Mooncake, Mother Pearl

Flavours: Golden Osmanthus, Fragrant Jasmine, Rose Petals And Tea Leaves
Price: $1,288

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Dang Wen Li Dominique Ansel Mooncake

Jade Rabbit Deluxe Mooncake Gift Box, Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel

Flavours: Egg Custard, Earl Grey Custard
Price: From $458

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Conspiracy Chocolate Mooncakes

Conspiracy Chocolate Mooncake 2023 Edition

Flavours: Vegan white chocolate coating with homemade mango and yuzu jam and toasted green Sichuan pepper.
Price: $428

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Venchi Mooncakes

Chocolate Mooncakes, Venchi

Flavours: Caramel Swirl, Coconut & Dark Chocolate, Lemon Vanilla Tea, Smoky Rose Tea
Price: Starting from $360

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Mooncake Bento Landmark Mandarin Oriental

The Mooncake Bento, Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Flavours: Egg Custard
Price: $458

Sassy Mama Tip: If you return the full set of two-tiered boxes to the Mandarin Oriental by the end of October, you can enjoy a complimentary glass of wine at Amber, SOMM and MO Bar.

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The Cakery Mooncake

Vegan Mini Mooncakes, The Cakery

Flavours: Matcha Mochi, Early Grey Black Sugar Mochi, Black Sesame Lava, Red Date Mochi, Chocolate Hazelnut Lava, Coconut Peanut Lava
Price: $428

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Rosewood Mooncakes Hong Kong Palace Museum

Rosewood Hong Kong x HKPM Limited Mooncake Collection

Flavours: White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks; Egg Custard
Price: $488

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Rainbow Mooncake Collection, Häagen-Dazs

Flavours: Chocolate Mooncakes with classic ice-cream flavours including Vanilla, Blueberries & Cream, Belgian Chocolate, Mango & Cream, Macadamia Nut, Cookies & Cream, Caramel Biscuit & Cream, Chocolate
Price: $1,268

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Mini Mooncake Box And Voucher, The Upper House

Flavours: Maltitol Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste With Yolk, Vegan Mooncake With Nuts And Figs, Earl Grey Tea Custard Mooncake, Coffee And Salted Caramel Custard Mooncake
Price: $1,268
Early Bird Offer: 15% Off using code TUH23ME15 at checkout. Valid until 1 September 2023.

Sassy Mama Tip: You’ll receive a $200 dining voucher for Salisterra upon purchasing this mooncake box!

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Tiramisu Lab Mooncake

Big 4″ Mooncake, Tiramisu Lab

Flavours: Italian Amarena Cherries and Cream and Nutty Pistachio
Price: $180

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Hyatt Centric Mooncakes

Egg Waffles Mooncakes, Hyatt Centric Victoria Harbour

Flavours: Each box contains Egg Waffles flavoured mooncakes and two sets of peanut butter and condensed milk sachets.
Early Bird Price: $268; Valid until Friday, 29 September 2023
Regular Price: $328

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Maxims Snowy Mooncakes

Snowy Mooncakes, Maxims

Flavours: Various flavours, check out the website for more info.
Price: Various prices, head to the website for more info.

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Editor’s Note: The Best Mooncakes In Hong Kong This Year” was most recently updated in August 2023 by Najuka Redkar. 

This article contains editorial selections and paid partnerships. Main image courtesy of topntp26 on Freepik, image 1 courtesy of Regent Hong Kong, image 2 courtesy of The Mira Hong Kong, image 3 courtesy of The Peninsula Hong Kong, image 4 courtesy of Mother Pearl, image 5 courtesy of Dang Wen Li, image 6 courtesy of Conspiracy Chocolate, image 7 courtesy of Venchi, image 8 courtesy of Landmark Mandarin Oriental, image 9 courtesy of The Cakery, image 10 courtesy of Rosewood Hong Kong, image 11 courtesy of Haagen-Dazs, image 12 courtesy of The Upper House

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