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Where To Get Mooncakes And Mid-Autumn Hampers In Hong Kong

mooncakes mid autumn hampers Hong Kong
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Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up and that can mean only one thing — mooncakes! Treat your loved ones and the important people in your life with a deluxe Mid-Autumn hamper, a beautifully boxed mooncake gift set or try some new and unique mooncake alternatives.

We know options are endless and sometimes it can be tricky to pick the best without sampling each one. We’ve done the hard work for you and highlighted the top Hong Kong mooncakes and Mid-Autumn offerings.

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gift something mid autumn hamper mooncakes

Gift Hampers HK Golden Blossom Fruit Hamper With Mooncake

Looking for the perfect mix of tradition and modern taste? Opt for the Golden Blossom Fruit Hamper that comes with either four or eight mooncakes and fresh seasonal fruits (choose during checkout). We love that the packaging is eco-friendly! These plastic-lite hampers come in reusable baskets, making them the ideal choice for gifting with sense and style. Gift Hampers HK also has an extensive Mid-Autumn collection (priced $399 to $2,200) if you want to look at more options.

Flavour: Egg Custard
Price: from $818
Early Bird Offer: 15% off with discount code FULLMOON (until Tuesday, 31 August 2021)

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agnes b mid autumn hamper mooncakes hong kong 2021

agnes b Café & Fleuriste Mooncakes

Flavour: Lava custard or lava chocolate
Price: $360 per box (four mooncakes per box)

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charbonnel et walker mooncakes hong kong 2021

Charbonell et Walker Mooncakes

Flavour: Lava custard
Price: $468 per box (two mooncakes and 225g Chocolate truffle selection)
Early Bird Offer: $398 (until 31 August)

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china tang mooncake hong kong

China Tang Mooncakes

Flavour: Authentic White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolk
Price: $388 per box (four mooncakes per box)
Early Bird Offer: $278 per box (until 20 August); $308 per box (until 20 September)

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cookie smiles mooncakes

Cookie Smiles Mooncookies

Flavour: Coconut jam and egg custard; sesame and egg custard with chicken floss; egg custard and black pepper
Price: $90 per bag (six mooncookies)

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date by Tate mid autumn hamper mooncakes

Date by TATE Mid Autumn Hamper

Mid-Autumn hamper inclusions: Mid-Autumn pastry box comes with seasonal desserts and a decorative box.
Price: $1,080

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duddells Hong Kong mooncakes

Duddell’s Mooncakes

Flavour: Lava cream custard
Price: $398 per box (six mini mooncakes per box)
Early Bird Offer: $368 (until 15 August)

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found cbd mooncakes

Found CBD Mooncakes

Flavour: Chocolate, hojicha and apricot (with 50mg CBD)
Price: $320 per box (four mooncakes per box)

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green common mooncakes

Green Common Vegan Mooncakes

Flavour: Vegan custard; Figs with pistachios and oats; Mixed nuts with blueberries and purple sweet potato
Price: $308 per box (six vegan custard mooncakes per box); $328 (mixed nuts mooncakes selection)
Early Bird Offer: $268; $285 (until 29 August 2021)

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langham mooncakes

The Langham Mooncakes

Flavour: White lotus seed paste with double egg yolks; Mini custard
Price: $518 per box (6 mini mooncakes per box); $548 (four mooncakes per box)
Early Bird Offer: $388/ $412 (until 15 August 2021)

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mandarin oriental mooncake mid-autumn hamper

Mandarin Oriental Mooncakes And Mid Autumn Hampers

Flavour: White Lotus or Golden Lotus
Mid-Autumn gift box inclusions:
 Mooncakes, wine or Champagne, Oolong tea, conpoy, dried mushrooms, chocolates, homemade X.O sauce
Price: Mooncakes from $418; Hampers from $2,388

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peninsula HONG KONG mooncakes

Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Hampers And Mooncakes

Flavour: Mini egg custard; Mini golden lotus seed paste; Mini tea flavoured; White lotus seed paste with four egg yolks; Golden lotus seed paste with four egg yolks
Mid-Autumn gift hamper inclusions: mooncakes and a selection of Peninsula Boutique treats
Price: Hampers from $1,788; mooncakes from $228 (four mini mooncakes)

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Ritz Carlton Hong Kong mooncakes

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Mooncakes

Flavour: Mini egg custard
Price: $408 per box (8 mini mooncakes per box)
Early Bird Offers: $348 (until 15 August); $368 (16 to 31 August 2021) 

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Rosewood Hong Kong mid autumn mooncakes

Rosewood Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Hampers And Mooncakes

Flavour: Traditional white lotus seed paste with double egg yolk; Yellow lotus seed paste with olive seeds and double egg yolk; Mini egg custard;
Mid-Autumn gift hamper inclusions: Butterfly Patisserie hamper – mooncakes, Champagne, Butterfly Room blend tea, selected sweets, honey and jam; Luxury Mid Autumn hamper – mooncakes, wine, XO sauce and other Chinese delicacies.
Price: Hampers from $2,288; mooncakes from $458 (six mini mooncakes)

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st regis Hong Kong mooncakes

St Regis Hong Kong Mooncakes

Flavour: White lotus seed paste; mini red bean paste; mini caramel nuts
Price: $588 per box (4 white lotus seed mooncakes per box); $458 (six mini red bean paste mooncakes); $488 (six mini caramel nuts mooncakes)
Early Bird Offers: $538 – white lotus/ $428 – mini red bean/ $448 – mini caramel nuts (until 25, August 2021)

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Ying jee club mooncakes

Ying Jee Club Mooncakes

Flavour: Mini egg custard
Price: $398 per box (six mini mooncakes per box)

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