29 Nov‘16 - 06 Jan‘17

Papinee World Exhibition

Papinee world in hk
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PAPINEE WORLD is hosting an exhibition for the public but especially targeted for underprivileged and disadvantaged local children.

For children who have less opportunities to travel the world, this experience will propel them on a physical art-imagination voyage to seven countries around the world! Each country will have their own space in the gallery with immersive installation complete with lights, sound, story tellers, props and smells!

From 10am-4pm PAPINEE will work with Pearl Lam Galleries, non-profits, organisations, social services networks and schools to bring underprivileged and disadvantaged local children to an exciting new world.

From Monday to Friday, from 4:30pm onwards, it will open to the public so everyone can enjoy!

Don’t forget to RSVP to [email protected] if you’re interested!

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Event Location

Pearl Lam Galleries SOHO
189 Queen's Road West