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FitFlops for Pregnant Feet: New Autumn/Winter Styles

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Charley Boot in Toffee, HK2,190

Thankfully options for maternity wear have moved beyond a selection of circus tents in a rainbow of pastels. Mamas-to-be can now look stylish from the office to dinner and in between.The only problem? While women can look still look hip and modern as their middles expand; their feet, which also tend to get a bit bigger, have been left several steps behind! Despite the fact that the feet bear a lot of the burden of an expectant woman’s changing physique, the opportunity to keep them comfortable and stylish has been neglected. Forget the fact that your 5-inchers are no longer safe to wear as your center of gravity moves or that your back is killing you from your little one’s growing size and kicking, it is more likely that those shoes (you know the Choos that you just HAD TO HAVE), do not fit anymore.

Mukluk in Dark Brown, HK1,690 reports that on average, a pregnant woman’s feet grow a half-size during pregnancy, leaving even your most comfy and fashionable shoes banished to the back of the closest. Enter FitFlop. First sold as a feel-good shoe focused on toning the legs and buttocks, it was soon discovered that the technology behind the shoes actually helps to ease the back pain that many women experience in the later stages of their pregnancy. FitFlop’s unique technology means that as you walk, your weight is more evenly distributed across the entire sole of your foot – very helpful when those baby pounds are weighing down on your arches!

Blizzboot in Gunmetal, HK1,390

Recognizing that comfort, better posture and the potential for less back pain is not just a summer need, FitFlop has introduced an Autumn/Winter line of boots, clogs and shoes to keep your toes warm in the winter (maybe a short season in Hong Kong, but what fashionista doesn’t like to don a pair of boots when the air gets crisp?). What’s more, they have expanded the line to include shoes for the Dad-to-be in your life and also little ones. Thank you FitFlop for giving pregnant women a path back to the shoe-style highway, allowing them to stand fashion-forward and tall, even if we can’t see our toes!

Fitflops are available at branches of Lane Crawford and Pedder Red.

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