Our Guide To Montessori Schools In Hong Kong

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Pink tower in montessori classroom with blackboard
The International Montessori School children learning
Woodland Preschool children playing
Island Children's Montessori nursery student with Montessori equipment
Montessori for Children student
Infinity Montessori School childre
Oaktree Montessori classroom

Brought to you in partnership with Discovery Montessori School and International Montessori School. Featured Image courtesy of Getty Image #1 courtesy of Discovery Montessori School, Image #2 courtesy of International Montessori School, Image #3 courtesy of Sai Kung Montessori via Facebook, #4 courtesy of Woodland Group of Pre-Schools via Instagram, #5 courtesy of Island Children’s Montessori International Nursery and Kindergarten,  #6 courtesy of Montessori for Children via Facebook, #7 courtesy of Infinity Montessori School via Facebook, #8 courtesy of Oaktree Montessori Chinese Education.