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How Your Child Can Achieve Chinese Fluency In An International School

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Find out what is unique and effective about Shrewsbury International School’s Chinese language programme.

Want to give your kids the best of both worlds? Have them reach native-level fluency in Mandarin while studying in an international environment at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong. This international school proudly claims that Chinese language learning at Shrewsbury matches the Beijing standard. Sounds impressive? You can sign up for its digital tour and learn more about the school and its unique Chinese learning focus.

chinese lessons at shrewsbury international school

With a diverse international population, the school says that the parents of native Chinese speaking students have been particularly impressed by how advanced the Mandarin levels at the school are.

Shrewsbury has designed and implemented a daily programme for Chinese learning in the school, tiered according to prior experience. Language learners of all levels are encouraged to use their skills regularly and are given opportunities for practical application. For Advanced level students, a focus on rapid vocabulary development and grammatical precision alongside cultural development supports deeper understanding and accelerates progress.

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The Advanced programme is split into two sections:

  • Thematic learning: This makes up approximately 30% of the content and supports contextual application, consolidation and extension
  • Chinese literacy: This addresses reading, writing and vocabulary development.

Teachers work fluidly and with a centralised focus upon each individual child, so no matter where your child is on the fluency scale, you are sure to see marked progress. While many of the texts used are taken from the Yuwen set (People’s Education Press), others are drawn from an expansive library collection (over 2,000 titles and growing) or written by members of the school’s Chinese language team.

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If you want your child to develop outstanding language skills while benefiting from a rounded international school environment, this could be the school for you. Find out more when you sign up for Shrewsbury’s Digital Tour.

What: Shrewsbury International School Digital Tour
When: Thursday, 24 June 2021, 10am
Where: Online, via Zoom
Details: Register here

Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, 10 Shek Kok Road, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories, Hong Kong, 2480 1500, [email protected],

Brought to you in partnership with Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong. All images courtesy of Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong

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