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Sassy Mama’s Top 10 Baby Books!

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Bubba wants to read, too! Our list of age-appropriate books for your cheeky cherubs.

Not only are books a great way to entertain your baby, they also help your little one develop and learn. If you find yourself feeling a bit disorientated by the choices in the aisle for baby books, fear not – we’ve rounded up our Top 10 Baby Books below!


1. Peek-A-Boo Forest
From Lamase

Peek-A-Boo Forest is a toy as much as a book for babies. The brightly coloured forest animals will keep your baby entertained. Each page features a fun peek-a-boo flap that reveals an animal underneath. Because it’s a small and soft book, babies can also grab hold of it and play with it without risk of getting hurt. In addition, this baby book is machine washable which means you can keep it clean.

Available at for $82

Dancing Feet

Dancing Feet!
By Linsdsey Craig and Marc Brown

Ideal for babies who are starting to learn how to move their feet, Dancing Feet brings in fun sound words such as “clickety” and “stompity”. The images of dancing animals along with the onomatopoeias encourage children to move their limbs around.

Board book available at for $47

Dr Seuss Fish Counting Book

One Fish, Two Fish, Three, Four, Five Fish
By Dr. Seuss

With minimal text, this classic by Dr. Seuss is short and sweet – perfect for babies as they usually have a short attention span! The five safety-tested, fish-shaped beads that move across the top of the board book, as well as the repetitions in it, help babies learn to count while having fun.

Board book available at for $54

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
By Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is an all-time classic so popular around the world that it has become a must-have in the library for babies. The illustrations are beautiful and the storyline is easy to understand. Eric Carle has also authored many other excellent books for babies that are worth checking out.

Board book available at for $43

Goodnight Little Rainbow Fish

Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish
By Marcus Pfister

A spin-off from the international bestseller – The Rainbow Fish – comes the Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish, a story about the colourful and glittery rainbow fish when he was a baby. When little rainbow fish can’t fall asleep, his mother promises to watch over him. The book is a perfect bedtime read.

Hardcover version available at for $100

Glad Monster Sad Monster

Glad Monster, Sad Monster
By Ed Emberley

This is a useful and interactive book that will help your baby or toddler to start learning simple ways to express their feelings. Glad Monster, Sad Monster features cute and funny masks which help to develop a child’s ability to identify and explore their own emotions and needs.

Hardcover version available at for $70


By Olvier Dunrea

From the Gossie & Friends series, Gossie is a book about a little yellow gosling and her favourite pair of red boots. One day, Gossie couldn’t find her red boots and had to go search for them. Great for curious and adventurous children who will delight in helping Gossie find her boots.

Board book available at for $47

Touch and Feel Farm

Touch and Feel: Farm
By DK Publishing

The Touch and Feel series aims to develop your tactile senses. Your baby will love this book featuring different kinds of farm animals. The textured pages are fun and captivating. In addition, this book is great for learning more about animals and developing an interest in them, especially for babies and very young toddlers.

Board book available at for $30

No No Yes Yes

No No Yes Yes
By Leslie Patricelli

A book that introduces what behaviour is appropriate and what is not. It includes a range of typical behaviours in babies and displays of opposing actions and reactions which will help your baby develop favourable habits (e.g. eating with a spoon instead of dumping it on the floor). No No Yes Yes will definitely make your life as a parent easier!

Board book available at for $30

Just Me and My Dad

Just Me and My Dad
By Mercer Mayer

From the Little Critter series, Just Me and My Dad is a story about a father-and-son camping trip. Despite the many mini catastrophes, little critter and his dad manage to have a great time together. The book has minimal text but the adorable illustrations will, no doubt, be an enjoyable read for babies. It’s also the perfect book for dads to read to their young ones.

Paperback version available at for $15

We hope that both you and your baby will have fun with these books!

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