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Sassy Mama’s Guide To Water World Ocean Park

water world ocean park lazy cruise
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Water World Ocean Park is set to welcome Hong Kongers just in time for Mid Autumn! The water park is opening on Tuesday, 21 September, 2021, and we can’t wait to hit the water slides!

We love it when a new family-friendly attraction opens! Even more so when it involves cooling off from the summer heat. Once this Hong Kong water park opens, we’re sure you’ll be scheduling more than one visit to splash about at Water World Ocean Park.

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When Will Water World Ocean Park Open?

We have a launch date! Water World Ocean Park will open to the public on Tuesday, 21 September 2021. With a range of attractions including everything from action-packed thrill slides to relaxing lazy rivers and a special zone just for the littlies, it will fast become a family favourite.

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Water World Ocean Park Tickets

Tickets for Water World are now on sale. Celebrate the grand opening with ticket prices as low as $320 for adults and $225 for children. Ticket pricing is dynamic and will be more expensive at peak times like weekends and public holidays, and cheaper during the week. During the 60-day opening period, adult tickets are $400 and kids are $280.

Splash Pass

Upgrade your ticket to a Splash Pass. This gives you priority access to nine of the top Water World attractions. The Lite version ($250) gives you four priority passes while the Pro ($350) lets you skip the queue all day.

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ocean park water world lazy river

Rides And Attractions At Water World Ocean Park

The attractions at Water World Ocean Park are sure to be a hit with all the family! If you’re wondering exactly which rides are suitable for your kids, check out the handy filter tool on the website. You can sort by age and heights!

Indoor Attractions

One of the best things about the park is that there are a lot of slides and water play areas indoors. No need to worry about the searing sun, winter chill or sudden onset of thunderstorms! Inside you’ll find the indoor wave pool, Horizon Cove, perfect for a swim or splash, Lazy Cruise for a leisurely float and Surf Strikers where you can try and catch a wave without hitting the ocean. In the slide department, there’s also the raft rides Cavern Chase and Vortex, freefall experience Skyhigh Falls and three speed slides.

whiskers plash water world ocean park

Water Park Attractions For Toddlers And Young Kids

Should you visit the park with little kids? We think so! Kids under 6 years old can go to:

Whisker’s Splash – a multi-level play structure that includes slides, splash zones, a maze and a toddler’s pool.
Lazy Cruise and Rip Tide – indoor and outdoor lazy rivers. Of course they’ll need parents to go with them!
Big Wave Bay and Horizon Cove – the indoor and outdoor wave pools.

Sassy Mama tips: Slippery floors and boisterous, excited big kids and toddlers probably don’t mix. While we’re all looking for something new and fun to do with the little, in this case I’d be careful about choosing my time. Go early, and avoid weekends, public and school holidays when there are likely to be crowds.

Looking at Whisker’s Splash, I can imagine my three year old having an absolute blast. It is strategically tucked away from the big kids rides BUT I do still worry about crowds and over excited kids even when you put this age altogether. More to come when we see the water park in action.

The Lazy Cruise, Rip Tide and wave pools look like lots of fun, but there will be people of all ages about, so you will just have to closely manage your kids.

water world ocean park rainbow rush hero

Waterslides For Big Kids

Cavern Chase – a four-person raft ride perfect for the family.
Rainbow Rush – a twisting, eight-lane racer slide.
Cyclone Spin and Tropical Twist – classic tube waterslides.
Surf Striker – catch a wave without going in the ocean.

Adventurous Water Slides For Teens And Adults

The twists and turns of these water slides are all sure to be a hit with older kids and teens as well as adventurous parents!

Vortex – an iconic, high-intensity raft ride. You’ll hear the squeals!
Skyhigh Falls – a raft ride from the highest point of Water World Ocean Park.
Thunder Loop, Daredevil Drop and Bravery Cliffs – speed slides not for the faint-hearted!

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Food And Restaurants At Water World Ocean Park

There are set to be three food outlets at Water World Ocean Park. Outside food and drink is not allowed (except for babies and infants). Expect reasonably priced typical theme park fare – a burger, with fries and a soft drink will set you back $82. There’s a selection of noodles, rice, western and pasta dishes (as well as sweet treats for dessert!). Most meals range from around $70 to $95. There are also vending machines to pick up drinks at various locations around the park.

Transport And How To Get To Water World Ocean Park

The water park is just next door to Ocean Park and is accessed from Shum Wan Road in Aberdeen. It’s a short shuttle bus ride from the main theme park.

horizon cove water world ocean park

Family Facilities At Water World Ocean Park

The lockers and changing rooms are located on the ground floor to your left after you enter. They are quite a way from the park’s attractions so use these to store your valuables and dry clothes, but pack a light bag to bring any essentials that you want in the park.


We definitely advise you to book your locker in advance when booking your tickets. While they can be arranged on the day, there are limited numbers and you don’t want to miss out.

There are three sizes:
Regular – best for 1-2 people, sized 41cm/28cm/40cm – $120
Family – best for 3-4 people, sized 55cm/28cm/40cm – $200
Jumbo – best for groups of up to 6, sized 83cm/38cm/40cm – $280

You operate the lockers with a QR code on a waterproof wristband. Scan the code, enter a pin and your locker will open. Be careful – they do shut quickly and it is awkward to reopen when it’s busy!

family changing rooms water world ocean park

Family Changing Rooms

There are several family changing rooms with a private toilet, shower and dry area. There’s also a large nursing and changing room.

Sassy Mama tip: Try to book lockers numbered 1400 – 1432 as these are located in the family changing area.

Sassy Mama Tips For Visiting Water World Ocean Park With Kids

Do You Need To Wear A Mask On The Waterslides?

This was one of our first questions! The answer is no, but you should wear them as you walk to and from the slides. It was suggested to carry a waterproof pouch for storage.

What To Wear To Water World?

If you’ve got kids who plan on making the most of the speed slides, make sure they don’t have any loose objects. It’s also advisable to pack a rash shirt or t-shirt to wear over their swimsuits as any clips or fastenings that could scratch the slides or cause injury are not permitted.

We saw a lot of people wearing lightweight swim shoes. These are a good idea as with all that water and kids, rushing around the floors is sure to get a bit slippery.

What If You Forget Anything?

Essentials like goggles, swim nappies or water proof pouches can be purchased both at the Treasure Reef gift store at the entrance, and the Splash Shop next to Whisker’s Splash.

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All images courtesy of Water World Ocean Park.

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