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Confinement Nannies, Night Nurses And Maternity Services In Hong Kong

Maternity Nurses Night Nurses Confinement Lady And Confinement Nanny
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Wondering what a confinement care lady does and if you need one? We’ve rounded up the best confinement care, maternity nurse, night nanny and pui yuet services in Hong Kong.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have the experience of being a new mum, you know that sleep deprivation can feel like torture. After even a few nights of snatched shut-eye, you’ll be bleary, teary, and in need of help, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of! We’ve bring you the best confinement ladies, night nurses, maternity nurses and pui yuet services in town.

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Confinement Lady and Confinement Nanny

Who is a Confinement Lady or Pui Yuet?

What comes to mind when you think “confinement lady”? Is it a dreadful image of a nurse enforcing traditional Chinese confinement practices like not washing your hair for a month or not going out? You’re likely not alone.

Contrary to the name, a confinement lady is simply a trained caregiver to take care of postpartum mums and newborn babies.

According to Parachute, one of the reputed maternity services listed below,

“While many confinement nannies are of Chinese background and excel in preparing nutritious soups, some speak English and offer tailored services to Western clients. It is important to meet with the confinement nanny personally to communicate your postpartum and childcare expectations, and make sure she is someone that will get along with everyone in your family.”

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Confinement Lady, Pui Yuet Services In Hong Kong

Booking Your Maternity Nurse

It is recommended that mums get their super-organised hats on and start looking for a maternity nurse at least six months in advance as they get booked up quickly, plus it takes time to find the right maternity nurse for you. Again, make sure you meet with them so you know that you’ll feel comfortable with them and know that you share similar childcare ideas as they’re likely to become a very important part of your life… and in some cases will even live with you!

Top Confinement (Pui Yuet) Services, Maternity Nurses And Night Nurses In Hong Kong

Parachute platform for confinement nannies

Parachute – Platform to connect parents with confinement nannies in Hong Kong

Pregnant for the first time in Hong Kong? If you are worried about newborn care, postpartum recovery and more, consider hiring a confinement nanny. In traditional Chinese culture, new moms observe one month of confinement with strict dos and don’t, but nowadays, the focus is less on restrictions and more to give new mums the right nourishment, time to rest, recover and bond with her newborn. Parachute has more than 100 qualified confinement nannies on its platform, where you can browse their bio, qualifications, availability and price. Parachute also covers your employees’ compensation insurance!

Parachute, 2/F, the Desk, Strand 50, 50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 5978 3897, [email protected],

Confinement Nanny Confinement Lady In Hong Kong

Combined Women’s Specialist Clinic – Postpartum confinement care from Chinese practitioners in Hong Kong

The experienced Chinese practitioners at the Combined Women’s Specialist Clinic can customise a postpartum confinement plan based on your postpartum condition and using their expertise. The plan can  help restore physical health, while also addressing any existing ailments. The registered professionals here also offer services like Chinese medicine consultations, postpartum nursing, and prescriptions.

Combined Women’s Specialist Clinic, Room 701-2, 7/F, Grand Centre, 8 Humphreys Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2376 7228,

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Sunlight – Reliable confinement service in Hong Kong

Worried about finding the right confinement lady for your family? With over 600 nannies available, Sunlight ensures a thorough nanny interview process and offers a free replacement during the probation period should any issues arise. The service scope includes everything from preparing baby products and hospital supplies to infant care and maternity care as well as help with alleviating postpartum blues.

Sunlight, various locations across Hong Kong,

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Smart Baby Care Confinement Services, Night Nurses Hong Kong

Smart Baby Care – Postnatal care providers and confinement services by the Employees Retaining Board (ERB)

At Smart Baby Care, you’ll find professional and thoughtful helpers who will help you raise healthy babies and prepare postnatal menus for the speedy recovery of your mind and body. Everything from milk feeding, napkin changing and cleaning the umbilical cord to helping you with breastfeeding, preparing bath water and relieving emotional stress will all be taken care of.

Smart Baby Care, Unit 521 & 522, 5/F Citimark, No. 28 Yuen Shun Circuit, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong,

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OT&P Annerly – At-home postnatal training for your helper

If you’re looking to train your helper with how to take care of your baby, Annerly at OT&P Healthcare provides postnatal home visits for support and teaching for helpers at home. This includes education on how to care for a newborn baby, bathing, sterilising bottles, safe sleeping, feeding and more.

OT&P Annerly, 19/ F Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 25 Wing Wo Street Central, Hong Kong,

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Confinement Services Confinement Nanny Night Nurses Hong Kong

The Family Zone – Confinement cooking classes and maternal recovery support

The Family Zone ensures a smoother transition into motherhood offering everything from lactation consultation and advice on infant nutrition to maternal recovery. It also offers private confinement cooking classes for helpers where they will learn to prepare traditional dishes specifically designed to nourish and air a new mother’s postnatal recovery.

The Family Zone, 9453 5544,

We have also been told that The Methodist Church can provide a list of maternity nurses as part of their social services division. The website is all in Chinese so it might be best to enquire in person (or bring along a friend!).

It may also be worth trying any of Hong Kong’s private or public hospitals to see if they can provide any assistance or advice, especially as part of their post-natal services if you gave birth there.

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Editor’s Note: “Confinement Nannies, Night Nurses And Maternity Services In Hong Kong” was first published by Hester Aba in 2016 and most recently updated in March 2024 by Najuka Redkar. 

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