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Spread the Cheer: A meaningful Christmas with Box of Hope

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Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up again, mamas! While we know that your minds might jump to the mile-long wish lists your littles have meticulously created (we only wish they’d pay as much attention to their homework!), why not share the gift giving spirit with those less unfortunate with Box of Hope? This yearly charity project creates boxes full of fun and educational items with the help of hundreds of families across Hong Kong to brighten the lives of poverty stricken Asian children, and this year, you can get involved too!

321314_456104214443150_1708564928_nFounded by two generous mamas who wanted to teach their 6 year olds about the joys of gift giving, this worthy organisation delivered over 19,500 care packages last year to happier hands in the Philippines, Vietnam, Kenya and even places closer to home like Macau and Hong Kong. If you’d like to spend the run up to Christmas helping others while educating your children about global issues affecting kids just like them, see our step-by-step guide to creating a Box of Hope below.

1455907_576442955742608_1044380653_n1. Dig up an old shoebox (about 18 x 30 x 30cm) and wrap the lid in your favourite wrapping paper. Wrap the body of the box separately as well. This is so that the team can open your gift and check that nothing’s going to get stopped at customs – the last thing you want is for your box to be binned at the border.

2. Decide with your littles what to pack. Everything does have to be new and Box of Hope has put together a handy guide to packing your box here if you’re struggling for ideas.


3. Print out this label, fill it out with a wonderful personalised message and stick it on your present.

4. Take your goodies to one of Box of Hope’s numerous collection points between 3-7 November and their hardworking volunteers will make sure it gets to children in need in time for Christmas!

485998_456104114443160_1789962232_nIsn’t it easy, mamas? If you’ve got a budding Frida Kahlo or Andy Warhol in the family, sign up for their design competition as well – the winner of the most beautifully designed box gets to deliver Boxes of Hope personally to children in Hong Kong. If you’re looking to become more involved and have some time on your hands, the team is always looking for more volunteers here; alternatively, if you’re strapped for time you can simply send in a cash donation here.

See what they achieved last year in the video below!

We can’t do this amazing charity full justice in just one post, so please do check out their website for more information! 

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